Joe Biden’s big secret was just made public by this shocking leak

Joe Biden has one big decision left to make before the general election.

But one big mistake may have given the American people a sneak peek.

And now Joe Biden’s big secret was just made public by this shocking leak.

Joe Biden has said he will make his Vice Presidential running mate selection in the first week of August.

Biden also promised that he would pick a woman and the focus on the search narrowed the finalists down to minority women candidates.

On Monday, POLITICO published a write up of the leading contenders, but the entry for California Senator Kamala Harris stood out like a sore thumb.

POLITICO listed the date Biden selected her as August 1st and included quotes from Biden about how Harris was the strongest candidate.

When politicians make a major decision they often give interviews or release statements ahead of time to media outlets so they can be published to coincide with the announcement.
The statements and interviews are what is called “embargoed.”

And it looks like POLITICO may have inadvertently published an “embargoed” copy of Joe Biden’s statement on selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate.

POLITICO wound up deleting this write up.

But for months, pundits have assumed Kamala Harris was the obvious choice as Biden’s running mate as she was the highest profile black female Democrat in America outside of Michelle Obama.

And since there was no chance Michelle Obama would ever accept the Vice Presidential spot, that left Kamala Harris as the natural pick, which POLITICO may have accidentally confirmed.

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