Joe Biden’s big Afghanistan betrayal is even worse than you think

The Taliban seized control of Afghanistan on Joe Biden’s watch.

Americans watched the catastrophe play out in real time.

But Joe Biden’s big Afghanistan betrayal is even worse than you think.

Joe Biden pulled American military forces out of Afghanistan before evacuating American citizens and Afghans who assisted U.S. forces during the nearly 20-year-long war.

It was a jaw-dropping piece of incompetence.

The country devolved into chaos as Afghans mobbed the runway at the Kabul Airport in a desperate bid to escape the country fearing for their lives.

Now that the Taliban is in control of the country Biden is not prioritizing evacuating American citizens ahead of Afghans.

It is clear that Joe Biden withdrew American forces without any plan for an orderly exit.

The administration did not plan for contingencies for the Taliban to take over the country or for if the Afghanistan army refused to fight.

Joe Biden even confidently predicted on July 8 that the 300,000-man Afghan army could defend the country and fight off the Taliban.

Biden clearly lied.

The Afghan army never intended to take up arms against the Taliban and the American government wasted $88 billion training the Afghan military forces only to see them lay down their arms at the first sign of Taliban forces.

Joe Biden is already facing calls for the cabinet to remove him from office over losing Afghanistan.

A free-for-all where there is no organized process to evacuate Americans could be the final nail in the coffin for the Biden Presidency.

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