Joe Biden will want to run and hide after hearing about this criminal investigation

Joe Biden is not just fighting to survive a political crisis.

Biden now could be in legal jeopardy.

And Joe Biden will want to run and hide after hearing about this criminal investigation.

The Daily Mail and the New York Post are two of the only media outlets covering the gob-smacking contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

A recent Daily Mail story revealed that Joe and Hunter Biden shared a bank account and paid each other’s bills.

Hunter Biden is facing a criminal investigation into possible money laundering charges and if funds flowed back and forth between Joe and Hunter Biden, it could implicate Joe Biden in the money laundering scheme.

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley appeared on Fox and Friends and explained just how serious this new Daily Mail report is.

Turley stated that this report undercut all of Biden’s false claims that he never spoke about Hunter Biden’s businesses with his son.

Additionally, Turley said Hunter Biden received reimbursement from a company tied to Communist China and Russia.

“This undermines much of what the president has said, but it’s not the first time. You know, the president has repeatedly said he has no knowledge, no involvement in these investments. That has been contradicted by witnesses and emails,” Turley explained. “He’s referred to in some emails as ‘the Big Guy,’ and some of those emails indicate an actual percentage cut was discussed for now-President Biden. With these disclosures, we have accounts being used to pay both Hunter and Joe Biden and money being reimbursed to Hunter Biden from an individual associated with a company called Rosemont Seneca. Now, that’s a company that has been tied to payments from China and Russia, and so this is getting more and more serious.”

Turley questioned why the Justice Department did not appoint a special counsel since the Daily Mail reporting contained evidence of an alleged influence-peddling operation that could implicate the sitting President of the United States.

“The question is why the Justice Department hasn’t considered the appointment of a special counsel,” Turley added. “We know there’s a criminal investigation going on into the tax issues, possible money laundering, but there’s also serious questions about whether the Biden family conducted an extensive influence-peddling operation involving not just Hunter but his uncle and potentially the President of the United States, and what a special counsel can do is produce a report. And we really are in a position where we need an independent report to be done.”

One reason there is no special counsel is because the Justice Department is a political operation working in conjunction with the Democratic Party.

Attorney General Merrick Garland would never appoint a special counsel to investigate possible crimes by Joe and Hunter Biden because it would create a cloud of scandal hanging over Joe Biden as Democrats head into the 2022 and 2024 elections.

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