Joe Biden will have all hell breaking loose with this plot to mandate the COVID vaccine

Back in December, Joe Biden said the coronavirus vaccine will not be mandatory in the United States.

Biden lied.

And Joe Biden has all hell breaking loose with this secret plot to mandate every American take the COVID vaccine.

Joe Biden and his public health tyrants are waiting for the right time to impose a mandate requiring Americans to get the vaccine for interstate travel within the United States.

The only reason Biden isn’t requiring Americans get a needle stuck in their arm to travel is because it’s not yet politically popular enough yet.

The Associated Press reports the administration is concerned vaccine mandates for interstate travel are still too controversial to implement – at this time.

But the Associated Press noted the administration is clearly hoping public opinion may shift in favor of such a policy in time.

That Joe Biden is even considering the idea of requiring Americans to “show their papers, please” is a descent into fascism.

Soviet Republics where the secret police snatched regime critics off the street had policies requiring documentation for domestic travel.

In Joe Biden’s medical apartheid state, Americans are confined to their home unless they submit to vaccination.

Americans that are so far hesitant to take the shot want to see their concerns addressed and not feel like they are being bullied into getting the vaccine.

But that is exactly what Joe Biden is proposing – a biomedical security state where Americans must show the government proper documentation of vaccination to freely travel within their own country.

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