Joe Biden will be mad as hell at the Supreme Court after this landmark ruling

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Democrats have another reason to hate the Supreme Court.

It’s that time of year when the court hands down the biggest opinions.

And Joe Biden will be mad as hell at the Supreme Court after this landmark ruling.

Supreme Court strikes down bump stock ban

After the 2017 tragedy in Las Vegas, where a madman named Stephon Paddock killed 60 people and wounded at least 413 others – in an act that no law enforcement agency has provided a motive for – Attorney General Jeff Sessions handed down the bump stock ban rule.

Bump stocks were a previously obscure firearm accessory that allows a user to fire a weapon more quickly as the device reduces the recoil.

Caving to pressure to “do something,” the administration banned bump stocks claiming this simple device turned a semi-automatic rifle into a machine gun.

President Joe Biden was all too happy to pick up defending this gun grab as it made its way through the courts.

But gun grabbers like Biden suffered a huge defeat.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Constitution on a 6-3 decision and struck down the bump stock ban.

What the law says

This should have been a relatively simple case with a 9-0 decision.

The National Firearms Act defines a machine gun as a firearm that fires more than one bullet “by a single function of the trigger.”

In his majority opinion, Clarence Thomas said the plain text meant a bump stock ban by executive fiat failed Constitutional muster.

Adding a bump stock to a rifle still means the gun fires one bullet with each pull of the trigger.

Justice Thomas took the time to explain to anti-gun liberals.

“Semiautomatic firearms, which require shooters to reengage the trigger for every shot, are not machineguns,” Justice Clarence Thomas explained.

“The firing cycle remains the same,” Thomas added.

“Between every shot, the shooter must release pressure from the trigger and allow it to reset before re-engaging the trigger for another shot,” Thomas continued.

Justice Thomas said the bump stock was simply an accessory that improved efficiency in firing a rifle and didn’t change the firearm’s function so the bump stock ban was unconstitutional. 

“This case asks whether a bump stock—an accessory for a semiautomatic rifle that allows the shooter to rapidly reengage the trigger (and therefore achieve a high rate of fire)—converts the rifle into a ‘machinegun.’ We hold that it does not and therefore affirm,” Thomas concluded.

Justice Samuel Alito ripped those who deployed emotional blackmail to shred the Constitution.

Alito wrote that the “horrible shooting spree in Las Vegas in 2017 did not change the statutory text or its meaning.”

Justice Alito explained that the Left – the ones who claim to love and defend democracy – don’t actually want to avail themselves of the democratic process and win elections to elect representatives to pass laws, but instead look for cheat codes in the system to skip to the get result they want.

“There is a simple remedy for the disparate treatment of bump stocks and machineguns,” Alito stated.

 “Congress can amend the law—and perhaps would have done so already if ATF had stuck with its earlier interpretation,” Alito concluded.

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