Joe Biden will be in tears after getting this campaign-ending news

After spending eight years as Barack Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden believes he is entitled to the presidency.

But, as time goes on, it is becoming clear the American people don’t agree.

And Biden will be in tears after getting this campaign-ending news.

Since the start of his campaign for President, Joe Biden has been enjoying a strong lead.

With no other serious candidates in the race, he was able to dominate the field in the polls, often leading by double digits.

But with the election getting closer, and his gaffes on full display, support for Biden is dropping like a rock.

The newest poll from New Hampshire, which is a major early primary state for Democrats, shows that Biden is no longer in the lead.

The poll showed Bernie Sanders passed him with 29% of the vote, while Biden only has 21%.

The Boston Herald reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead has evaporated in New Hampshire, with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders pulling ahead in what has clearly become a three-person Democratic primary race, a new Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll reveals.

Sanders would get 29% of the vote, followed by Biden at 21% and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 17%, if the primary were held today, according to the poll of 425 likely New Hampshire Democratic voters. The Democratic primary poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.8%.

“It’s clear that Joe Biden needs to come back to the state and earn the voters trust again,” said pollster R. Kelly Myers of RKM Research and Communications, who conducted the poll.

The poll also shows that President Trump is in a commanding position in the GOP race, with 88% of 414 likely Republican primary voters saying they would back him. Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld gets just 3% of the vote, followed by former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh at 1%.

This poll isn’t simply a national poll of Democrats, including states that don’t really matter much when it comes to getting the Democrat nomination.

New Hampshire is the second election that will take place to decide who gets to challenge Trump in 2020.

Whoever wins it will get a massive boost going into the following states.

And as it looks now, that will not be Biden.


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52 Responses

  1. JOHNNY LONG says:


  2. Greenman says:

    Joe Biden despite age and gaffes is far superior to the sexual assaulter and mobster Trump. Trump has a chaotic mind, hires and fires constantly and is always bragging, lying, stealing, whining, insulting and screwing our allies while sucking up to dictators and is selling this country down the river for a few dollars and Putin is enjoying every second of Trump’s corrupt and incompetent Presidency. Every historian rates Trump already a disaster for his corruption, vengeance, idiocy, nepotism, greed, lust, and evil.

    • Keith D says:

      You mean OBLAMMER and his BJ tour and his flexibility he gave Russia to interfer in our elections without doing anything because he was so busy sending 220 people and millions of dollars to over throw Israel election all the while giving his BUDDIES in IRAN 150 BILLION DOLLARS to sponsor HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH TERRORIST GROUPS while SIGNING agreement to GIVE IRAN 30 days notice to develop NUKES so the inspectors could go to IRAN to see a PHOTOGRAPH of the interior and NOT be allowed inside??? YEAH you just NAIVE and that’s as polite as I will get!!!!!

    • Jan says:

      Greenman…What news do you watch or listen to? It must be CNN!!! President Trump has done more for America in the short time he has been in office than the last four presidents in their total tenures. If you think Trump is so bad….please let the world know how perfect you are!!! I have yet to meet the perfect person! President Trump is definitely not selling our country down the river! The one who did that was our LAST administration!!! The Democrat Party has only losers running for the nominee to oppose Trump!

    • californiasailor says:


  3. Vasu Murti says:

    “Biden’s old age, constant gaffes, and inability to remember basic facts or get through a speech without stumbling over his words concerns many Democrats.

    “This debate – where Biden was called out for age by a fellow Democrat – shows the attacks on Biden’s growing senility are starting to take hold.”

    If elected president, Joe Biden would be the oldest president ever elected. In 1980, that’s what they were saying about Ronald Reagan. In 2016, Donald Trump became the oldest person ever elected president.

    A doddering figurehead? That’s the way we Democrats saw Reagan!

    “I just came into political consciousness when Reagan was Pres…Many hated and satirized him …That he was old and obviously not all there somehow worked to his advantage.

    “At end of his years Reagan seemed like an irrelevant figure always on vacation. He should have credit for recognizing the new Soviet generation of leadership, but his economic legacy pervades to this day and ultimately stifled his successor, Bush1″

    –SIlverSpringlib on

    I was in high school during the Carter Administration, and in college during the Reagan years. Your observations are fairly accurate, especially when you write:

    “That he was old and obviously not all there somehow worked to his advantage.”

    Part of Reagan’s “charm” with the public was coming across as a kind, grandfatherly figure. Some of us saw through it, though. A female friend in college commented, “Oh, I think he’s awful!”

    You write: “At end of his years Reagan seemed like an irrelevant figure always on vacation.”

    That describes his second term as a lame-duck President, and that was especially true in the aftermath of the Iran-Contra scandal. But it is an eerily accurate depiction of his entire time in office.

    In 1984, my friend Greg commented that it seems like Reagan doesn’t do anything: we see him talk to reporters, make a few jokes, and then go inside the White House.

    Greg then began to paint a picture of Reagan going inside the White House, cozying up with a cup of chamomile tea, sitting on a rocking chair, pulling a shawl over himself…

    I broke up laughing: “It sounds like you’re describing a Norman Rockwell picture!” I exclaimed.

    “Well, look at who we’re talking about…” Greg responded.

    “He should have credit for recognizing the new Soviet generation of leadership, but his economic legacy pervades to this day and ultimately stifled his successor, Bush1″

    A politically liberal friend of my father’s commented once that Reagan forced the Soviet Union into an arms race they knew they couldn’t win, and thus brought them to the bargaining table.

    I’ll give Reagan the credit for having met with the new Soviet generation of leadership.

    During the 1980s, Dennis McKinsey, an agnostic schoolteacher in Ohio, was publishing Biblical Errancy: a newsletter pointing out biblical errors and contradictions, while giving equal time for Bible believers and/or apologists to respond.

    Dennis McKinsey commented in 1987 (to a Christian who had written in) that it’s possible to discuss our deeply held and cherished beliefs with our ideological opponents without resorting to personal attacks:

    “Just ask Reagan and Gorbachev!” he exclaimed.

    “…his economic legacy pervades to this day and ultimately stifled his successor, Bush1″

    Since Reagan, Republicans have embraced tax cuts as the solution to all social ills.

    When Republican Dan Lundgren ran for governor of California against Gray Davis in 1998, his television ads had him declaring, “I’m going to cut your taxes.”

    Lundgren lost, and one political observer said he ran what would have been a good campaign a decade earlier: in *1988* !

    Thom Hartmann eloquently responds to both the religious right and the conservative call for tax cuts in his 2003 book, What Would Jefferson Do?, by pointing out that our tax dollars provide us with roads, schools, and an infrastructure we tend to take for granted.

    “…That he was old and obviously not all there somehow worked to his advantage.

    “At end of his years Reagan seemed like an irrelevant figure always on vacation.”

    During the first few years of the Clinton Administration, my friend Ruth (pro-life feminist and pro-life Democrat) and I were attending Feminists For Life meetings together here in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1994, Ruth said that when she told some friends of hers who were fellow Democrats but more liberal than herself about the recent news that Reagan had Alzheimer’s, they immediately responded:

    “Oh, we’ve known that for years!”

  4. Jeff Willis says:

    Joe Biden is reminiscent of an “antique piece of furniture that has occupied the same corner of a house for years .” He’s been around D.C. forever. His list of actual accomplishments is minimal. Most all of his decisions, such as to invade Iraq, have been wrong. Worse still, he epitomizes “the swamp.”At best, he represents a “Manchurian candidate,” promoting the globalist agenda for greedy CEO’s and Fortune 500 companies.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      You forgot the worst part about Joe. He’s white, and he’s a man. How can the democrats elect an old white guy to be president?

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        Same way the Republican party elected the old dude with the orange hair. If Mr Trump should happen to lose, he can find work as a weatherman somewhere. Have Sharpie, will travel.

        • Steve Scoutaris says:

          Sorry you missed the sarcasm. Republicans don’t have a problem with white men. It’s the democrats that have a problem. I’m sure you’re the only one on this site that didn’t get that.

          • Jonathan Conover says:

            Seems that Republicans do have a problem with old white men and black men and Hispanic men . This is plain to see in the constant mocking of anyone who doesn’t agree with the Chosen One and his sycophants.

        • Joyce Duke says:

          I’ve evolved into an independent voter who votes for the best candidate pr a wrote on of none of the above applies to all candidates!.
          However our 72 year young WHITE DUDE is special case. His campaign poster said “I A,M NOT FOR SALE & THAT SCARES THE SHYT OUT OF THEM’ Almost 3 years later he is still not for sale & has made remarkable progress despite all the feces thrown his way by those deep states establishment traitors who worked hard & grossly misused their positions of power to block his nomination, election & their treasonous fishing expedition, for which they used the Russian Dossier as a basis for obtaining FISA warrants after they already knew the DNC, Clintons, Steele, CIA, FBI & DOJ was behind the Russian Dossier & it was bogus. Everyone one involved in this bogus investigation of President Trump should have their assets frozen & forced to repay the treasury funds wasted on this $40+ million dollar fishing expedition.

        • Joyce Duke says:

          Our 72 year young DUDE is a special WHITE OUTSIDER. As his campaign poster said “I AM NOT FOR SALE & THAT SCARES THE SHYT OUT OF THEM. The best part of his SPECIAL is that after 3 years HE STILL HAS NOT SOLD OUT TO THE ONE WORLD GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, aka the new world order – whose financial status has to be bent more out of shape since President Trump is working hard at closing down all the child sex trafficking rings & drug trafficking cartels crossing the southern border which they are said to be relying heavily on & still on their last legs financially! Yippee!

  5. Carolyn West says:

    Joe Biden is not up for this. He forget things and can’t remember his old bosses name Obama. Which was pure hell.

  6. SandyJ says:

    Joe should just go away and save himself some embarrassment. He’s entitled to that and nothing more!

  7. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The Red Man will be back unfortunately, Best not reply to his racist and insulting comments about white people.

  8. Frank Casteel says:

    Just because he was second in command to the worst president to ever draw a breath does not mean he is entitled to anything. The Obama years came really close to destroying our country and he thinks the people want more of the same. The dems can find nothing good that Trump has done. How about unemployment being the lowest in 50 years, our military is almost back to where it was before Obama fired countless high ranking officers that refused to say that would stand by him instead of the constitution. His world tour saying how bad our country has treated other countries. His 4 Billion dollar gift to Iran. His release of 5 terrorist that had nothing to do with the 4 Billion (right). His 6 billion dollar web sight for Obama care that did not work, awarded to Michelle’s college friend (running a Canada company) that alone would pay for the wall that is badly needed on our southern border. His IRS sandal where there was not a smidgen of corruption against the tea party. His wife’s countless billion dollar vacations and he set up a trust of 2 billion dollars for future vacations after leaving office that Trump caught and put an end too. The 500 million awarded to Solara that had 125 employees and went out of business in less that a year (that’s 4 million for every employee). Bidden says there was not a hint of scandal during his 8 years service to the white house and he believes the people want more of the same. Obama came into office worth less than a million dollars and 8 years later is worth over 40 million , no corruption here.

    • Joyce Duke says:

      Personally think that when the truth finally comes out on Obama, he will become known as the greatest hoax ever foisted upon American voters by the Congressional members – and President Trump will become #44 – and a lot of deep state establishment members, in and out of Congress, will get a taste of true law, order & justice they were being paid to uphold and learn who they were being paid to represent – and they were not being paid to work hand in hand with the one world global government, aka the new world order – nor for its millions of recruited invading illegal alien immigrants they aided and abetted in breaking our immigration laws,.

      • Racists for Trump says:

        You are a crazy womanJoyce. You are delusional about everything that you wrote. Trump is a serial sexual assaulter who has abused women with through his work. policies and rapes. He is a mobster with countless links to the NYC Mob families, numerous scams, most thousands of lawsuits, ripped off employees, family businesses, banks, and Trump U students. He is a constant liar, thief, insulter, whiner, braggart and chaotic jerk without an iota or class. He is a vengeful thug who cares nothing about this country just about the power and filling his pockets with dishonest money, and building his empire and using nepotism in the White House and illegally profiting from lobbyists, foreigners and even our army staying at his hotels. He criticized Obama for playing golf, in less than 3 years he has golfed more days than Obama in 8 years. His golf trips alone have cost 110 millions. Worst of all he is a traitor, he asked for help from the Russians, and they fixed the election for him and now he kisses Putin’s butt. Don’t you see this, how could you be so ignorant? He alienates all our allies. his cabinet has been corrupt and disaster and is half filled at any given time.

        • Barbie says:

          How can YOU be so ignorant?

        • Yeah but Trump is doing great things for our country. Putting constitutionalist judges on the courts, getting us out of the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal, cutting taxes, getting rid of job killing EPA regulations just to name a few. Just imagine how bad things would be if HRC had won. It would be a nightmare.

          • Racists for Trump says:

            He is doing nothing positive, the historians are appalled at the laziness, TV watching, tweeting, insulting and pulling our of the Accord and the Iran deal were incredibly stupid and irresponsible acts, it is way to get vengeance against Obama. Trump is jealous of Obama as he will always be considered a much better President, It wasn’t craziness every day then, he saved us from the financial meltdown, wound down two wars, saved GM, cut the unemployment by half and the stock market almost tripled. Hillary Clinton would have been a far better than the mobster and serial sexual assaulter Trump who on;y cares about filling his pockets with money as billionaires only care about getting more billions. Trump doesn’t pay taxes or give to charities, never did or will.

    • George says:


  9. Steve Scoutaris says:

    Obama tried to talk Crazy Joe out of running but he wouldn’t listen.

  10. Kat says:

    I think you have to change the prefix on his name to crazy joe.

  11. Kathy says:

    I’m just staring to be entertained, i love it the Democrats are all crazy. Just think if they would vote in someone with tell tale signs of dementia, who the heck would be running the country? We’ll have to see how far they’ll let this go without Podesta stepping in like debbie Wasserman schultz did with bernie

    • Joyce Duke says:

      The same new world order’s shadow government who was running it over the past 72+ years, when JFK was assassinated, when his brother Robert was assassinated and when the attempt on Reagan’s life got him back in line & the same shadow government which is attempting to usurp President Trump’s power from outside the White House!

  12. Yes because he keeps falling over his tongue

  13. TONYZAG says:


  14. fay butler says:

    When Bill Clinton left office, former first lady Hillary also thought she should be the next president as does Michelle Obama. What a laugh! Joe Biden is a bigger laugh . He can’t even keep his teeth in his mouth much less the Talliban at bay.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      As I recall Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. I wasn’t aware that Michelle Obama was in the Presidential race. I realize that the Electoral College decided that Mr Trump was the rightful winner but still stomping your opponent by 3 million is not too shabby. Only in America!!

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        And that’s exactly why we need the electoral college to stop the city folk from controlling the whole country. Those founding fathers sure were smart old white men.

        • Blue says:

          You’re so right about the founding fathers, amazing how these leftists don’t understand what they were doing when they keep harping on the popular vote deal, and if it were reversed in favor of hillary, they wouldn’t say a thing.

  15. jeff says:

    Democummies have nothing to offer but free stuff and take away your guns and more taxes,,they say Trump is going crazy,,,,like a fox his solutions to Obama ARE working and the democommies have nothing to offer but OLD guys who are losing it before the elction

  16. Garry McCollom says:

    Biden should stay in and not give up now. Without him, the others will have nothing to talk about.

    • fay butler says:

      They already have nothing to talk about except each other and what a bad person the claim Donald Trump is even though he outshines them by 1,000%

    • Vic Paterno says:

      Biden should stay in and collect all the donations only to got badly beaten. That should take some more wind out of the Dems. Will need our guns because they won’t like it.

  17. A S K says:

    TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2024

  18. Dan Gibson says:

    Regardless of whether he stays or quits, the result will be the same:

  19. Blue says:

    joe biden needs to stay in the race, assuring a Victory for President Trump!!

  20. Grizz Mann says:

    Come on! Uncle Joe is really trying to do the best he can.

  21. Dave says:

    he just can’t keep his hands off the women and young girls the old pervert. just like old slick willie clinton.

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