Joe Biden was red with rage when CNN made this jaw-dropping statement

Joe Biden has always counted on the corporate-controlled media to have his back.

But his blunders are piling up so fast that even the Left can’t defend everything.

And he was red with rage when CNN made this jaw-dropping statement.

Joe Biden is responsible for one of the biggest foreign policy fiascos in the country’s history.

His incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan was poorly planned with worse execution.

He sent America’s image abroad back to the days of Jimmy Carter with his colossal blunder.

The regime tried to excuse every part of the botched withdrawal with the false claim that no one could have seen this coming.

Now reports are coming out that shows just how responsible Joe Biden is for this disaster.

A declassified report by the military concluded that dithering by the regime caused chaos and put the withdrawal at “increased risk.”

The report pointed out countless ways the regime botched the withdrawal.

When asked about the report, Biden simply played it off by saying he rejected it.

He’s also tried to claim that no one told him about his regime’s obvious failures.

So damning was this report that Jake Tapper of CNN took to the air to blast Biden for dismissing it.

He said, “I do not understand why he would not manifest that care into taking this investigation more seriously? Absorbing the tragic details, contemplating the obvious failures of his administration. Failures that cost lives. Biden always bristles at this because he feels confident that ending the war in Afghanistan was the right decision, but that’s not the question at hand.”

“It’s not whether, but how, the war ended. And what that means to the people who were there when it did finally end? No part of these military interviews ring true because ‘that’s not what I was told?’ If that’s was not what you were told, then what was? And don’t you have an obligation, sir, to be told,” he remarked.

Tapper concluded in devastating fashion saying, “Don’t you have an obligation to Ryan Knauss’ family, to his grieving mother?”

Knauss was one of 13 armed service members killed after a suicide attack on the Kabul Airport.

A video of Kanuss’s mother played where she said, “They were sitting ducks. I feel grief and I feel anger. I feel angry for the waste of life.”

“Isn’t that how you demonstrate how much you care? Otherwise isn’t it just words?” a grim Tapper offered in conclusion.

This was a stunning takedown from CNN, which is a reliable mouthpiece for regime propaganda.

If Biden is losing Fake News Jake Tapper on Afghanistan, then he’s in serious trouble.

This becomes the latest bad news on Afghanistan for Biden.

In addition to the Army’s report, Senate Republicans dropped their own scathing report on the botched Biden withdrawal.

With the bad news piling up on the withdrawal, Joe Biden won’t be able to get away with pleading ignorance for too much longer.

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