Joe Biden was hit with one ultimatum that could cost him the election

Joe Biden was leading in the polls and thinking he could cruise to the White House.

But the former Vice President just got some bad news.

And Joe Biden was hit with one ultimatum that could cost him the election.

100 prominent black celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and academics signed a letter to Joe Biden demanding the former Vice President pick a black woman as his running mate.

The letter attacked Biden for leaking out criticisms of California Senator Kamala Harris.

“Was Joe Biden ever labeled ‘too ambitious’ because he ran for president three times,” the letter signers argued, “Should President Obama not have made him the VP because he had to worry about his ‘loyalty’ when he clearly had AMBITIONS to be president himself? Why does Senator Kamala Harris have to show remorse for questioning Biden’s previous stance on integrated busing during a democratic primary debate?”

The signers also blasted Biden for his past racist comments and policies.

“Have Democratic Party leaders, allies, or donors ever required Joe Biden to show remorse for the 1986 or 1988 Anti-Drug Abuse bills, which established mandatory minimum sentencing and subsequently crack cocaine sentencing disparities, and by his own admission, led to mass incarceration? What about the 1994 Crime Bill,” the letter read.

Finally, the letter made it clear that black voters had little use or enthusiasm for Joe Biden as a candidate, stating that unless Biden picked a black woman as his running mate he would lose the election.

“For too long black women have been asked to do everything from rally the troops to risk their lives for the Democratic Party with no acknowledgment, no respect, no visibility, and certainly not enough support. Failing to select a black woman in 2020 means you will lose the election,” the letter stated.

UPDATE: The Biden campaign announced Kamala Harris was indeed selected as Biden’s Vice President, despite her lackluster performance in the Democrat Primary.

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