Joe Biden was handed one troubling set of poll numbers that made Democrats tremble

Joe Biden’s agenda is hitting a rough patch.

Even though Democrats control every lever of power in Washington, D.C. they cannot get on the same page.

And Joe Biden was handed one troubling set of poll numbers that made Democrats tremble.

Joe Biden’s next legislative priority is four trillion dollars in new socialist spending dressed up as an “infrastructure” bill.

Biden’s plan turns America into a cradle-to-grave socialist welfare state and imposes many agenda items from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” accompanied by trillions of dollars in new tax hikes.

Democrats planned to pass the bill through the Senate using the budget reconciliation process, which allows them to circumvent the filibuster and ram the legislation into law with just Democrat votes.

But that option is not popular.

A new Rasmussen poll shows voters prefer a compromise bill negotiated with Republicans by a two-to-one margin.

Breitbart reports:

But only 29 percent favor the Democrats passing an infrastructure bill in a party-line vote. Sixty-five percent of likely voters say they support a bill that arose from a compromise between Democrats and Republicans.

Even among Democrats, a slim majority favor compromise over party-line voting, according to the poll. Forty-six percent said they support compromise and 45 percent said they support a party-line vote.

Even among Biden’s hardcore supporters, those who say they “strongly approve” of the president’s job performance, only 50 percent support a party-line vote. Only 32 percent of those who say they somewhat approve of Biden’s performance support a Democrat-only strategy.

Democrats don’t want to go down this path because Republicans will not agree to any tax hikes and they won’t spend more than $600 million limited to just roads, bridges, and waterways.

Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi view this legislation as their chance to remake America into a socialist nation, but if they choose the path of just using Democrat votes they could be dooming themselves to an unpopular course of action that cripples their chances of keeping their majority next year.

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