Joe Biden was fuming after a leading Republican exposed this massive deception

Joe Biden has crippled the country by putting America last.

His latest scheme is turning into a catastrophe.

And Joe Biden was fuming after a leading Republican exposed this massive deception.

Joe Biden’s latest blunder is quickly turning into a tragedy.

The country is in the midst of an unprecedented shortage of baby formula, leaving parents scrambling to feed their children.

The Biden regime has completely botched the situation with a string of blunders.

Biden’s FDA shut down a major baby formula factory in Michigan on questionable grounds, blowing a hole in the national supply.

Biden was caught flat footed, claiming he was never told about the shutdown as the crisis grew into a catastrophe.

His regime sat on their hands for months while baby formula stock quickly disappeared.

Nationally, the out-of-stock rates are at 74%, with 10 states topping 90% or higher.

Already, children in Tennessee have been hospitalized as a result of the shortage.

After the situation turned into a full-blown crisis, Biden started importing baby formula from Europe and Australia.

Joe Biden has turned America into a third-world country where children are going hungry and the nation is left begging other countries for foreign aid.

The most infuriating part of this catastrophe is who the Biden regime is prioritizing baby formula for.

While Americans are struggling to find formula, detention facilities on the southern border for illegal aliens are well stocked with baby formula.

In an appearance on Fox News, Georgia Republican Congressman Buddy Carter blew the lid off of this dangerous America Last scheme by Biden.

“We did see baby formula, the infant formula at the border. And, of course, we were looking for it,” Carter said. “And, you know, it’s so sad because when you walk into these warehouses that they have here, particularly in the Donna facility, which is where they have the unaccompanied children and the families there, it looks like a Costco.”

While some American babies are being hospitalized for lack of formula, Joe Biden is making sure the illegal aliens he rolled out the welcome mat for have enough.

This is truly the most dangerous America Last move of Biden’s failed Presidency.

“I mean, it’s just shelves of all kinds of different materials. But the baby formula was the most upsetting of all of that because I have to say that the President is not being truthful here,” Carter continued.

“Maybe he didn’t know about it, but that just proves how tone-deaf they are at the White House. Because during the Energy and Commerce committee meeting, it was indicated that there was a whistleblower letter sent to the FDA back in October that didn’t get to them until the middle of February,” Carter explained. “And they blame it on mailroom issues.”

“I mean, this is ridiculous. The infant formula shortage has been building up for months. It didn’t just happen when the facility in Michigan was closed down,” the Congressman concluded.

Joe Biden is putting America Last in ways that were once unthinkable.

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