Joe Biden was caught on camera making a racist gaffe that left jaws on the ground

Joe Biden’s declining mental state concerns many voters.

The former Vice President’s cognitive decline is bringing out some of Biden’s worst tendencies.

And now Joe Biden was caught on camera making a racist gaffe that left jaws on the ground.

Joe Biden was never known as a disciplined communicator.

But as his mental state deteriorates Biden’s gaffes are becoming more frequent and more disturbing.

During a recent campaign livestream Biden made a racist remark that Donald Trump shouldn’t blame China for the coronavirus because Americans think all Asians look alike.

This racist gaffe called back to Biden’s failed 2008 Presidential campaign where Biden talked about how you couldn’t go to a 7-11 without the person behind the counter having an Indian accent.

Joe Biden also employed racist tropes that campaign when he described Barack Obama as “clean and articulate.”

Then Senator Biden’s Presidential campaign ended after receiving just one percent of the vote in the Iowa Caucus.

But now, for better or worse, Democrats have no other option but to plow ahead with Biden and hope he doesn’t implode before all the votes are counted.

Biden’s history of racist gaffes combined with his clearly diminished mental capacity do not make it any sure bet that Biden will be able to make it Election Day and maintain his current lead in the polls.

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