Joe Biden was boiling with rage after this shocking statement from a key Democrat

The failing Joe Biden regime is in total free fall after a non-stop series of disasters.

Democrats are starting to run away from Biden like a five alarm fire.

And he was boiling with rage after this shocking statement from a key Democrat.

Joe Biden ran on a return to normalcy for the country.

Far from the corporate-controlled media’s portrayal of him as a competent moderate, he’s been a feeble Leftist disaster.

His regime has set off an avalanche of epic failures from the economy and COVID to Afghanistan.

This sent his approval rating sinking as Americans woke up to the true nature of the Biden regime.

Now Democrats are in a panic about the consequences of Biden’s collapse.

The biggest political race in the country this year is for the Virginia governorship.

The Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, an ex-governor and former Clinton fixer, is being challenged by Republican businessman Glen Youngkin.

It’s been a barnburner of a race with polls showing it neck and neck despite Virginia’s blue lean.

Democrats are publicly admitting that Biden’s failing regime is starting to drag them down.

McAuliffe at a virtual rally for Virginia Democrats said, “We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington … The president is unpopular here in Virginia.”

This is a blunt admission of Biden’s failure from a prominent Democrat.

This confirms recent polling that Biden’s approval is underwater in a state he carried by 10 points.

McAuliffe has been running scared, backing off unpopular Leftist positions like defunding the police.

Historically, Virginia has been a bellwether about the upcoming midterm elections.

In 2009, a big Republican win in the Virginia governor’s race previewed the Democrats wipeout in the 2010 elections.

A victory for Republicans in Virginia this year could be the first sign of trouble for Democrats in the 2022 elections.

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