Joe Biden told one lie about Donald Trump that revealed Biden’s biggest weakness

With less than 60 days until the Presidential Election both candidates are going all-out for victory.

But the more Joe Biden goes out on the campaign trail the worse it is for Democrats.

And now Joe Biden told one lie about Donald Trump that revealed Biden’s biggest weakness.

Joe Biden attended a fundraiser at the George Soros funded J Street group.

At the event, Biden falsely claimed Donald Trump made Israel less safe by abandoning the disastrous Iran nuclear deal that the Obama-Biden administration negotiated.

“Trump has put Israel in danger by tearing up the Iran nuclear deal,” and Biden also claimed that Trump “has undermined the stability of self-determination for the Palestinians, undercutting hope for a viable two-state solution any chance that he gets.”

Just one day after Biden made those remarks, Donald Trump announced that Bahrain became the second Middle East country – after the UAE – to strike a peace deal with Israel.

This was notable because of Bahrain’s proximity to Saudi Arabia, which meant that the Saudi Arabian royal family signed off on the agreement.

Comparing Biden and Trump’s record on foreign policy reveals a striking difference.

Former Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Joe Biden was wrong on virtually every foreign policy decision in the last several decades.

Not only did Biden support the disastrous Iran nuclear deal – which put Iran on the glide path to a nuclear weapon – Biden also opposed the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Biden also voted for the Iraq War.

If Biden wants to make this election about a choice between which candidate has the best record of achievement on foreign policy, then Donald Trump will gladly have that conversation.

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