Joe Biden suffered two major military defeats that left Trump supporters breathing a sigh of relief

Joe Biden’s radical agenda is designed to corrupt every institution in America.

And Biden and the rest of the woke mob had the U.S. military in their sights.

But Joe Biden suffered two major military defeats that left Trump supporters breathing a sigh of relief.

The House and Senate are trying to hammer out an agreement on the National Defense Authorization Act to fund the military.

But Democrats snuck two provisions into the bill that showed leftists had no bones about using a military funding bill to turn America into a socialist nation.

Radical leftists included red flag confiscation laws to make it easier to seize the guns of service members and the creation of an “Office of Countering Extremism,” which woke officers could use to purge conservatives from the army in the legislation.

Negotiations between the House and Senate stripped these dangerous left-wing agenda items – both of which have nothing to do with military readiness – out of the bill.

Breitbart reports:

Two provisions staunchly opposed by a group of House Republicans have been scrapped from the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act during negotiations on the bill between the House and Senate, Breitbart News has exclusively learned.

Negotiators scrapped a provision that would have established “Office of Countering Extremism” within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, a source familiar with the negotiations told Breitbart News on Monday afternoon.

The office would have furthered the Biden Pentagon’s goal to “root out” extremists from the military that conservatives feared was aimed at targeting conservative members of the military.

The other provision would have allowed military courts to issue protective orders that could be used to confiscate firearms from active duty service members without due process.

The rank-and-file of the military is one of the few institutions in America not fully captured by the radical Left.

Joe Biden and the Democrats hoped to change that by taking their guns away or kicking them out of the service for holding any political views that leftists believe is “extreme.”

For now, that plan has failed.

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