Joe Biden should be very worried after he found out Hillary Clinton made this decision

Joe Biden is currently the leader of the Democrat Party.

Not all Democrats are happy about that.

And Joe Biden should be very worried after he found out Hillary Clinton made this decision.

Just days after a poll came out showing 64 percent of Democrats want a different candidate in 2024, Hillary Clinton took another step toward a third run for the White House.

Clinton and her daughter Chelsea announced a new Apple+ documentary series called Gutsy, where the two interview women they claim inspire them to make positive changes.

Fox News reports:

In a press release put out by both Apple TV+ and an Instagram post from Hillary Clinton, it was announced Thursday that she and her daughter will host an eight-part docuseries called “Gutsy” for the streaming service.

The documentary series will follow the mother-daughter duo as they have conversations with women who inspire them by continuing to make positive changes in their communities and paving the way for those who come after them.

“Set your calendars to join Chelsea and me for intimate conversations about life, careers, and courage with some of our personal heroines,” Clinton wrote in the post announcing the series. “We can’t wait to have you join this conversation with us.”

Among the celebrities Hillary and Chelsea Clinton will interview are Kim Kardashian, Gloria Steinem, Jane Goodall, Megan thee Stallion, Goldie Hawn, and Kate Hudson.

The series was inspired by the 2019 book that Hillary and Chelsea wrote, entitled The Book of Gutsy Women.

When Hillary Clinton ran for President in 2016, she was the most unpopular Presidential candidate in history.

It should have come as no surprise – but it did for Democrats – that Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton can see that multiple polls show Democrats want a new candidate for President in 2024.

Clinton wants to be that alternative candidate.

But first Clinton thinks she needs to smooth over her image.

That’s why Clinton is starring in a soft-focus documentary series available to the tens of millions of Americans who own an iPhone or iPad in an effort to boost her favorability ratings.

Clinton has already delivered major speeches, went on media blitzes, and hosted events for down ballot Democrats.

And now Hillary Clinton is putting the final pieces of her plan in place for when the Democrat Party forces out Joe Biden.

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