Joe Biden sent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez this humiliating message

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the biggest names of the Democrat Party.

But no one could believe her role in the Democrat National Convention.

And Joe Biden sent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez this humiliating message.

Joe Biden and the Democrats know that Donald Trump’s message that the mentally declining Biden and principle-less Kamala Harris will serve as puppets of the radical Left is a potent attack.

So at the Democrat National Convention Biden largely sidelined socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez limiting her role to a 60 second speech placing Bernie Sanders’ name into nomination in a symbolic gesture to the Sanders campaign.

The Biden campaign invited a parade of has-been RINOs from the 1990s like Colin Powell, Chuck Hagel, Susan Molinari, and John Kasich to deliver speeches on how Joe Biden was a supposed “moderate” who would restore bipartisanship to Washington, D.C.

In fact, the Biden campaign gave Kasich twice as much speaking time as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Biden let Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders and other radicals write a unity platform that is the most left-wing in Democrat Party history.

And Biden is using “moderate” speakers at the Democrat Party convention to hide that fact from Americans.

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