Joe Biden saw a devastating new poll that will cause all hell to break loose

Democrats are on the defensive.

It’s all due to a major problem that Joe Biden created.

And Joe Biden saw a devastating new poll that will cause all hell to break loose.

In Joe Biden’s nearly two years in office, more than four-million illegal aliens crossed the southern border into America.

Red states were fed up.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott began busing and flying illegal aliens Joe Biden let into the country to Blue-states and cities that style themselves as sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

Governors DeSantis and Abbott figured that if Joe Biden wanted to open the border to illegal aliens and Democrats wanted to ignore federal immigration laws at the state level, then they would give them what they asked for.

And it turns out that enforcing immigration laws and making the Left live under its own rules is popular.

A majority of Texans – including 22 percent of Democrats – support busing illegal aliens to Blue states and cities.

Mediaite reports:

A new poll published this week from the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas found that a majority of Texas voters support Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) busing migrants who have entered his state across the southern border to Democrat-controlled cities like New York, Chicago and Washington, DC.

While critics have decried the move as a political stunt using human beings, often children, as props, 52 percent of voters in Texas support the policy – despite its hefty price tag.

Republicans polled supported the move with a whopping 80 percent approval, with some 62 percent of GOP voters offering their “strong support.”

Sixty-two percent of Texas Democrats oppose the policy, while 22 percent support it.

The Left – of course – lost their minds.

CNN outrageously said showing Blue states the true cost of illegal aliens was akin to the holocaust.

But the move was popular in the real world.

And it kept immigration at the top of the headlines – an issue which cuts against Democrats – at a time when Joe Biden and his Party can least afford it.

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