Joe Biden said two words about Vladimir Putin that put jaws on the ground

Americans are nervously watching Joe Biden navigate the global crisis of Russia invading Ukraine.

Now all hell is breaking loose.

And that’s because Joe Biden said two words about Vladimir Putin that put jaws on the ground.

A Fox News White House correspondent asked Joe Biden if Russian President Vladimir Putin is a war criminal for authorizing the invasion of Ukraine and targeting civilians for killing.

Joe Biden responded, “no.”

But 30 seconds later, Biden wandered back and said that he did – indeed – believe Vladimir Putin was a “war criminal” for his brutality and conduct during the invasion.

“Did you ask me whether I would call… Oh, I, I think he is a war criminal,” Biden responded.

Joe Biden’s handlers quickly realized Biden made an error and tried to walk back his calling Putin a “war criminal.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated Putin’s actions “speak for themselves,” adding that there is a “legal process” in place for the International Criminal Court to proceed with war crimes charges.

Psaki tried to claim Biden was not making official policy statements, but instead reacting emotionally.

“He was speaking from his heart, and speaking from what we’ve seen on television, which is barbaric actions by a brutal dictator through his invasion of a foreign country,” Psaki said.

Biden previously stepped up to the edge of escalating tensions with Russia by calling Putin a war criminal before backing down.

“Putin is inflicting appalling, appalling devastation and horror on Ukraine, bombing apartment buildings, maternity wards, hospitals. I mean, it’s God awful,” Biden added. “The world is united in our support for Ukraine and our determination to make Putin pay a very heavy price.”

Designating Putin officially as a “war criminal” could cause events to spiral out of control.

The Russian military doctrine calls for escalation in order to de-escalate.

If Putin believes he will find himself in front of the Hague facing war crimes charges, it will push a man – who U.S. intelligence already describes as unhinged – over the edge into using chemical weapons or even launching a tactical nuclear weapon.

Tactical nukes are lower in yield than strategic nuclear weapons and they cannot wipe out entire cities.

But these weapons are meant to kill tens of thousands on the battlefield.

If Putin feels cornered, he could lash out in dangerous ways.

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