Joe Biden said three words about the coronavirus that will scare every American

The corporate media is whipping up hysteria about the new omicron variant.

There are new worries about another wave of restrictions and mandates.

And Joe Biden said three words about the coronavirus that will scare every American.

Speaking to reporters after delivering a speech about the new omicron variant, Joe Biden refused to one hundred percent rule out lockdowns.

A reporter asked Biden if lockdowns were “off the table” and Biden ominously warned the American people “yes, for now.”

Lockdowns led to tens of millions of lost jobs, destroyed businesses, and massive increases in drug overdoses.

And to make matters even worse, the lockdowns did nothing to slow the spread of the virus or prevent Americans from dying.

Biden threatened Americans, saying that unless they obeyed mask and vaccine mandates, he wouldn’t order them locked into their homes again.

“If people are vaccinated and wear their masks, there’s no need for the lockdown,” Biden added.

In his speech to the nation, Biden doubled down on his vaccination campaign, claiming he’ll stop the virus “not with shutdowns or lockdowns but with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing, and more.”

During the campaign, Joe Biden once said he would shut down the national economy if so-called “experts” like Dr. Fauci recommended it.

Donald Trump and other Republicans slammed Biden for giving in to COVID hysteria.

Biden’s handlers realized what a colossal mistake that was and Biden pivoted to saying he would shut down the virus and not the economy.

But Biden’s threat of eventually imposing more lockdowns in his comments to reporters shows that he’s not ruling out another round of lockdown orders as 15 days to slow the spread marches into year two.

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