Joe Biden said one word that will put Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer out of a job

Polls show Democrats are heading for a wipeout in the Midterm elections.

It’s all Joe Biden’s fault.

And that’s because Joe Biden said one word that will put Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer out of a job.

Every poll shows inflation is the top – or one of the top – issues facing voters in the 2022 Midterm elections.

The June inflation report showed the Consumer Price Index shooting up to 9.1 percent – the biggest jump in 40 years.

Runaway inflation began in 2021 after Joe Biden rammed a $1.9 trillion socialist spending bill through Congress despite warnings from even left-wing economists that it would overheat the economy.

At the time, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen – who also served as Barack Obama’s incompetent Federal Reserve Chair – predicted that inflation was “transitory.”

“We have in recent months seen some inflation, and we — at least on a year-over-year basis — will continue, I believe, through the rest of the year, to see higher inflation rates, maybe around 3 percent,” Yellen declared in June of 2021. “But I personally believe that this represents transitory factors.”

Shortly thereafter, Joe Biden doubled down on that ill-fated prediction.

Biden called inflation “temporary” and dismissed the idea that rising prices would continue indefinitely.

“We also know that as our economy has come roaring back, we’ve seen some price increases,” Biden declared in a speech in July of 2021. “Some folks have raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent inflation. But that is not our view.”

“Our experts believe, and the data shows, that most of the price increases we’ve seen are expected to be temporary,” Biden added.

That disastrous prediction by Biden and his handlers shaped the contours of the 2022 election and also doomed his Presidency.

Polls now show Biden’s approval rating plummeting to as low as 33 percent.

And inflation is driving voter anger at not just Biden, but at his Party as well.

The Real Clear Politics polling average shows Republicans hold a lead on the generic ballot of which Party Americans want to see controlling Congress.

Republicans only need to flip five seats in the House of Representatives to oust Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and one seat in the Senate to end Chuck Schumer’s tenure as Senate Majority Leader.

And in every competitive race in the country Joe Biden’s prediction of “temporary” inflation will be featured prominently in Republican attack ads.

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