Joe Biden proposed this terrible plan to take some Americans’ guns away

Joe Biden campaigned for office on a promise to gut the Second Amendment.

That is one promise Biden intends to keep.

And now Joe Biden proposed this terrible plan to take some Americans’ guns away.

Joe Biden’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives proposed a new rule that would treat AR-pistols that use stabilizer braces the same as machine guns, which would regulate them under the National Firearms Act.

This legislation heavily regulates firearms and makes them nearly impossible for the general public to obtain.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise blasted this decision because it would take guns away from disabled veterans that depend on stabilized braces to operate firearms as is their constitutional right.

“Many disabled people in America use pistol stabilizing braces in order to be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” Scalise added.

Scalise continued noting that these stabilizer braces were designed specifically for disabled veterans.

“Moreover, these stabilizing braces were designed specifically for disabled veterans, our men and women in uniform who became disabled and were having trouble shooting firearms for recreational use or for the safety of their families,” Scalise added.

Scalise asked why Joe Biden would want to take away the Constitutional rights of Americans who fought, bled, and suffered serious injury to protect our freedoms?

“If the Biden Administration takes the stabilizing brace away from disabled veterans, then the Biden Administration is going to be taking away disabled veterans’ Second Amendment rights. And why would Joe Biden want to take away the Second Amendment rights of disabled veterans who were injured protecting our freedoms?” Scalise asked.

Joe Biden has made gun control central to his political identity.

During the campaign, Biden bragged about how he gutted gun rights with the 1994 so-called “assault weapons” ban.

And as President, Biden’s goal is to disarm as many Americans as possible.

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