Joe Biden never expected this group of Americans to guarantee Trump wins the 2024 election

Donald Trump moves ever closer to announcing a 2024 Presidential bid.

Democrats are in a panic.

And Joe Biden never expected this group of Americans to guarantee Trump wins the 2024 election.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media bombarded Americans with four years worth of narrative that Hispanic Americans viewed Donald Trump as a racist and Latino voters would punish Republicans at the ballot box for opposing amnesty.

Instead, Donald Trump won the largest share of nonwhite voters by any Republican since 1960 and a PEW study after the election found Trump won nearly 40 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Democrats badly misjudged Latino voters who supported Republicans in ever-increasing numbers because Republicans defended law and order, opposed woke culture, and opposed illegal immigration because it drove down wages of working class Americans.

And now a new Wall Street Journal poll shows an acceleration of Hispanic voters into the Republican Party.

The Wall Street Journal poll – which pollsters for both Joe Biden and Donald Trump conducted – showed Hispanic voters split their vote 37 percent to 37 percent between Republicans and Democrats over which party Latinos would like to see control Congress.

“One year after giving Democratic House candidates more than 60% of their vote, according to polls at the time, the Journal survey found that Hispanic voters are evenly split in their choice for Congress. Asked which party they would back if the election were today, 37% of Hispanic voters said they would support the Republican congressional candidate and 37% said they would favor the Democrat, with 22% undecided,” the Journal wrote about their poll.

But that wasn’t even the worst news.

The Wall Street Journal’s poll found Hispanic voters give Donald Trump 43 percent of their vote in a 2024 rematch with Joe Biden.

“Hispanic voters were also evenly divided when asked about a hypothetical rematch in 2024 of the last presidential contenders, with 44% saying they would back President Biden and 43% supporting former President Donald Trump. In 2020, Mr. Biden won 63% support among Hispanic voters, nearly 30 points more than Mr. Trump, according to AP VoteCast, a large survey of the presidential electorate,” the Wall Street Journal wrote.

If Donald Trump wins over 40 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2024 he will not only win re-election, he could flip states like Nevada and New Mexico red.

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