Joe Biden melted down when confronted with this bad news

As Joe Biden’s poll numbers continue to sink, Democrats are panicking about their prospects in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

But Biden is not handling his political collapse very well.

And Joe Biden melted down when confronted with this bad news.

Joe Biden spoke to reporters while on vacation in Delaware.

A reporter asked Biden about the growing number of economists who believe America is about to hit a recession.

Despite the fact that inflation hit a 40 year-high with no signs of slowing down and there’s a baby formula shortage, Biden has been trying to gaslight Americans into thinking the economy is booming.

The question caused Biden to fly off the handle, as the President berated the reporter for sounding like a Republican politician.

“Not the majority of them aren’t saying that, c’mon, don’t make things up, ok?” Biden ranted. “Now you sound like a Republican politician.”

“I’m joking, that was a joke,” Biden continued.

Biden then told the press he was talking to former Obama economic advisor Larry Summers – who correctly predicted his $1.9 trillion socialist spending would cause a spike in inflation – and claimed that he told him a recession was not inevitable.

“All kidding aside, I don’t think it is, I was talking to Larry Summers this morning,” Biden added. “There’s nothing inevitable about a recession.”

It is true that a recent poll found 30 percent of economists believed America would enter a recession.

Another survey found 60 percent of CEOs believed the American economy would sink into a recession.

However, the most important group appears to believe America is about to enter a recession.

And that is the American people.

In June, the consumer confidence report plummeted to the lowest level on record.

Bloomberg reported:

US consumer sentiment plunged in early June to the lowest on record as soaring inflation continued to batter household finances. The University of Michigan’s preliminary June sentiment index fell to 50.2, from 58.4 in May, data released Friday showed.

Joe Biden’s policies led to a massive surge in inflation, which caused American consumers to pull back on their spending.

And since the American economy depends on consumer spending, it is set for a crash.

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