Joe Biden made this stunning admission that will leave your jaw on the floor

Joe Biden is on the verge of his most devastating failure.

America cannot afford the consequences of this debacle.

And now Joe Biden made this stunning admission that will leave your jaw on the floor.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan comes at a time when Communist China is ramping up threats of war over invading the democratic nation.

For years, the United States lived by a “One China” policy where the government recognized Communist mainland China as the “one true China,” with Taiwan being a province and not its own separate country.

Communist China views Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan as recognition of it as an independent nation, something tens of millions of Americans agree with.

But Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby showed Joe Biden continues to bend the knee for Communist China when he said during a recent White House press briefing that the administration does not support independence for Taiwan.

Joe Biden’s retreat on Taiwan came in the face of increased threats by the Communist Chinese.

One propagandist with ties to Communist Chinese state media proposed shooting down Pelosi’s plane.

Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping told Joe Biden that “those who play with fire get burnt” with regards to Taiwan.

And now the People’s Liberation Army staged live fire drills which many believe will be the first move in a Communist Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Fox News reports:

The Chinese military announced it would be holding live-fire naval exercises Saturday in the Taiwan Strait ahead of a possible visit to Taiwan by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Tensions are high in the region with a U.S. strike group heading to the South China Sea and Pelosi possibly en route to Taiwan during her tour of Asian allied countries like Japan and Malaysia. Pelosi could become the highest-ranking American elected official to visit Taiwan since 1997.

Joe Biden bending over backwards for Communist China on Taiwan is not going to make war less likely.

In fact, many military and intelligence officials believe a Communist Chinese invasion of Taiwan in the next 18 months is now even more likely.

And that is because the Communist Chinese sense Joe Biden’s weakness and worry the 2024 election would bring in a new administration who would work to prevent war by reorienting America’s military posture.

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