Joe Biden made this racist comment that will leave you speechless

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the Democrat Party frontrunner for President.

But he just threw his campaign into chaos.

That’s because Joe Biden made this racist comment that will leave you speechless.

Joe Biden has always been a gaffe machine when it comes to matters of race.

In the 2009 Presidential race, Biden made offensive comments about Barack Obama being “clean and articulate.”

He also made racist remarks about Indians who worked at 7-Elevens.

Now, in his current Presidential campaign, Biden has come under fire for his past praise for pro-segregation Democrat Senators.

And now his problems just got way worse. Biden inferred all poor children were black and hispanic.

Breitbart reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” while addressing the Asian and Latino Coalition in Des Moines, Iowa, on Thursday.

“We should challenge these students, we should challenge students in these schools to have advanced placement programs in these schools,” the former vice president said when discussing the need to improve America’s education system. “We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor you cannot do it, poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Biden quickly attempted to clarify his remarks by adding “wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids” to the end of his previous sentence.

While Biden attempted to clean up his remarks, they also raise questions about his age and mental fitness for office.

Biden often appears confused and a step slow when forced to defend his record or answer questions.

This is one reason his advisors keep his campaign schedule to a minimum.

The sparse campaign schedule not only prevents Biden from showing his age, but it also minimizes the opportunity for Biden to make racist remarks.


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46 Responses

  1. Thomas Ford says:

    Why is it that every time you sit down with a democrat about political events or the health of this great country .their reply is always SCREEMING and PROFANITY GO F — YOURSELF the response is always the same .I think it is a boiler plate response that the democrats learn early in life .
    God Bless the U.S.A. and Trump .If he does
    not win 2020 .then may God Bless us all

  2. Karen says:


  3. Joanna Johnson-Smith says:

    Ya have to look at this issue from two perspectives. 1) Biden is a typical, Democrat, Minority-Hater. 2) Minorities are far too sensitive in this age of Liberal Lunacy. In any case, we live in an Immature, Humorless, and very STUPID Society.

  4. Art Crosby says:

    yea,Anybody but Trump,Well,You HAD that with the Left-wing Black radical Hoax,That Hadnt even lead school children across the street or built a sand castle.Now you have a Real WINNER in the White House,A Doer,Not a Fake,Empty suit who Hated the country.The Stupidity we have in this country(And World)Is Scary.Now take your pick of the noodles the dems have now,Abunch of Morons who*s Only idea*s are Screming RACISM Every time a minority is even Mentioned. God Bless America!He Better bc we*ve a Whole Lot of Idiot*s who are doing their level Best to Ruin it! Semper Fi

  5. Gun Nuts of America says:

    You talk about Biden’s comment when we have a white supremacist in the White House, a terrible racist in business, and blaming the Central Park Five who eventually were found innocent via DNA evidence, and then his attacks on Muslims, African countries, NFL players, the four congresswomen, countless insults about Hispanics, his lies and treatment of Puerto Rico.

    • June says:

      Trump 2020

    • Roger says:

      White supremacist and white privilege are phony terms made up by democrats in reality there is no such thing! President Trump only attacked Muslims that attacked him, he only criticized not attacked NFL players that knelt for the National Anthem thus disrespecting America and the brave men and women that fought and died under that flag so you and I could live in a free country!

  6. Joan Orfanakos says:

    Stick a fork in Biden he’s done, over done!! All the Democratic CANT-itades are clowns. They woke up one morning and said oh I think I’ll run for president. It was so funny at the laughable debates when there was a question to raise their hand they all looked around to see who raised their hand and they quickly followed. Or when one said something in Spanish they all followed killing the language! Bring in the clowns don’t bother their here😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  7. Reply to Carlos : What matters is that people will pick up on what he is saying and will go along with it . The 3 letters BID for the White House tells you a lot. Bright , Intelligent or Informed Democrats and there are not too many of them these days , then the other ones are Blind , Brainwashed , Idiot , Innocent Democrats , and there are a lot of them , and they are the ones that every democrat running for office are counting on .

  8. Sam R says:

    What in the world is wrong with our candidates? Do they not realize, or do they not care, the whole world is listening to their irresponsible rhetoric. After the obvious lies that they tell about Trump, do they think ANYONE will trust them? I don’t see how anyone could.

  9. Jim says:

    So, Fondling Joe Biden is saying white kids are stupid, dumb? Well, he just said much for himself and his kids. Talk about “White Supremacy”.
    At least were not child molesters, self haters, or traitors, racists, causing division among Americans.

  10. Ken Love says:

    Biden is crazy as an out-house rat – and that’s on a good day!

  11. Sam R says:

    Poor Joe!! He is so desperate that there is no lie too big or too ridiculous for him!!

  12. Mike Flanagan says:

    The USA is headed for a shooting civil war that’s why there is such a push to take guns away from the people. Obama started it when stired the RACE POT.

  13. Carlos says:

    i don’t even bother with this old fart. He ain’t going to win. Believe me I am serious. He too fkn
    stupid with dementia and who knows what else he got.

  14. Loyd says:

    Biden and Obama were and still are a threat to our way of living. Democrats never learn it seems, More controls. Darn we already have too many stupid laws. put own us in haste. Politicans should have and need to have only 2 terms in office. Look what we have to date,, politicans spending most of their lives, living off of us.

    • deplorable betty says:

      We so desperately need term limits yesterday! Hopefully with term limits we can keep IDIOTS from doing too much damage to our beloved country. Look what “biden and obama did in their 8 yrs. Here’s a terrifying thought – what could have they done with another 4 yr. term?

  15. William W Hadden says:

    Democrats. Cant fix stupid

  16. Roger says:

    Bidens wife should check him into some place that can help him out with his problem.

  17. Angelina Gallardo says:

    God bless Mr. Trump is the best!!!

  18. James Moran says:


    • Phil G. says:

      If you actually believe that? Then you aren’t too smart yourself! One reason is? There are intelligent people of all races who are top scientist in America and none are White! Obviously. What you read is from an age of ignorance. Where people are kept from higher learning! Those tests were one sided and obviously racist and kept minorities down. Just so someone like you can rant and talk like your race is so great? Oops! Where’s your top White scientist now? There is none. When Hillary Clinton was running for President? The US top scientist? Which were all minorities. We’re going to go back to their countries. What’s that tell you? Oops! Which that remark of yours. You put your foot in your mouth! Oops! Plus . It obviously make you sound like an ass!

  19. Randall says:

    Please tell ,What are all his accomplishments and what Bill’s did he introduce and pass all these years he has been in politics??
    I will tell you and swamp rat that went to Washington and got himself rich off the back of the American taxpayer and lobbiest!!!

    Trump should bring this up about all the politicians who have gone to Washington and have done the same,.They went to Washington worth thousands and now a re millionares!!

  20. Pappy says:

    Very well said

  21. Blue says:

    biden, Leader of democrats!

  22. Joyce Garvin says:

    Off to see the wizard, poor Joe is still in search of a brain!

  23. David Carlisle says:

    99.9% of Democrats are RACISTS, Biden is just INCOMPETENT at hiding it! {99.9% of Democrats support the use of abortion as healthcare (it’s MURDER for the BABY). According the Planned Parenthood’s own records the majority of women suffering an abortion are minorities making the victims minorities. Killing a minority (or anyone) in the womb is just as WRONG as shooting them down in the street or lynching them!!!!!]

  24. Robert powell says:

    the demon’s are using this old fool for a diversionary distraction to keep the people from actually looking and listening to the rest of the idiot communist fools.

  25. KatahdinView says:

    All the Demorats that are running are Racist, things started being Racist when the tree monkey was president.

    • Rant over says:

      That’s racist republicans are better than that. How can you call someone racist when you make racist remarks as well. Biden is an idiot and tries to kiss ass to make points. Trump tho quite direct and sometimes a little crass tells it like it is. The only time I see him bring race into a conversation is when he is quoting stats for unemployment and such. He calls it as he sees it he promised transparency and he is. And for you democrat people praying for Trump failure WTF is wrong with you that you want any President to fail?

    • Christel Mahler-Wolf says:


  26. Expat Tom says:

    This senile old fart is a bumbling idiot. I think that the powers who are backing him know that he is an old fool who can easily be manipulate. Come on seriously….do you want this old shyster for president?

    • Carrie marshall says:

      Any thing better than trump I vote for even you instead of trump

      • Blanche says:

        Sorry! Lady,
        You should be ashamed of your nasty comments. Do you know the President personally? Why judge him or anyone else for that matter. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. You are what you judge. Therefore, whatever you judge you will become. You have jumped on the band wagon of Racism and don’t even know it. Why are you hell bent on adding fuel to the fire that is already burning. Hatred, bitterness and strife is not a good look for you. How about examining yourself and just maybe your life will improve. Everything you say and do is coming back to you. You can count on it.

      • William Stites says:

        Well your also what is wrong with America

      • Christel Mahler-Wolf says:

        Carrie Marshall you are a typical democrat. No brains! Start thinking before you run your mouth or post stupid comments.
        President Trump has been the greatest President since Reagan. He loves America. Not like Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party who want to destroy our country.

      • most dems are EVIL Liars says:

        that is a sick and selfish statement.

  27. Pappy says:

    Joe Biden is only one of the big jokes running for the liberal Democratic Party

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