Joe Biden made this guarantee that he instantly lived to regret

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is on the ropes.

Fourth and fifth places finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire knocked Biden off his perch as the Democrat Party frontrunner for President.

And Joe Biden made this guarantee that he instantly lived to regret.

Joe Biden’s campaign is running on fumes.

The former Vice President has little in the way of grassroots support and as such is dependent on big money fundraisers to keep his campaign afloat.

But big money donors want to invest in a winner and aren’t willing to throw good money after bad to keep a flailing campaign alive.

The Biden team recognized they are staggering on the verge of being knocked out and sent Biden out to deliver a message that would reassure nervous supporters.

During a call with donors Biden claimed he could win the upcoming Nevada caucus.

Biden told donors he was “confident we can win South Carolina. I think we’ll win Nevada, but it is a caucus, which is a little bit different.”

That prediction could prove to be costly.

Few political insiders believe Biden will win Nevada.

One reason the Iowa and New Hampshire results proved so devastating for Biden was because the Biden campaign poured money and resources into those first two states in an all-in effort for victory.

If Biden is setting the expectations in Nevada that they can win, Biden is only building up a narrative that will blow up in his face on caucus night if he doesn’t win or run a strong second.

Most experts believe Bernie Sanders is the strong favorite in Nevada.

Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren also have better organizations on the ground.

Caucuses are events dominated by candidates with the most fervent supporters and well-oiled turnout machines.

Iowa and New Hampshire made it clear Biden has neither of those things.

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