Joe Biden made this guarantee that he instantly lived to regret

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is on the ropes.

Fourth and fifth places finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire knocked Biden off his perch as the Democrat Party frontrunner for President.

And Joe Biden made this guarantee that he instantly lived to regret.

Joe Biden’s campaign is running on fumes.

The former Vice President has little in the way of grassroots support and as such is dependent on big money fundraisers to keep his campaign afloat.

But big money donors want to invest in a winner and aren’t willing to throw good money after bad to keep a flailing campaign alive.

The Biden team recognized they are staggering on the verge of being knocked out and sent Biden out to deliver a message that would reassure nervous supporters.

During a call with donors Biden claimed he could win the upcoming Nevada caucus.

Biden told donors he was “confident we can win South Carolina. I think we’ll win Nevada, but it is a caucus, which is a little bit different.”

That prediction could prove to be costly.

Few political insiders believe Biden will win Nevada.

One reason the Iowa and New Hampshire results proved so devastating for Biden was because the Biden campaign poured money and resources into those first two states in an all-in effort for victory.

If Biden is setting the expectations in Nevada that they can win, Biden is only building up a narrative that will blow up in his face on caucus night if he doesn’t win or run a strong second.

Most experts believe Bernie Sanders is the strong favorite in Nevada.

Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren also have better organizations on the ground.

Caucuses are events dominated by candidates with the most fervent supporters and well-oiled turnout machines.

Iowa and New Hampshire made it clear Biden has neither of those things.

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13 Responses

  1. Rev. Kenneth Fails, Sr. says:

    The Democrats will do anything or anybody to put Hillary in office.

  2. Vicki S says:

    If you’re interested in knowing the depth of Biden & the Obama administration’s corruption, I suggest you watch Rudy Guilanis’ 6 episodes of Common Sense on YouTube. He will have a new one every week. It will curl your hair! He has forwarded all his documents to Barr.

  3. Dewey says:

    Part of growing old is knowing your limits. This fool makes an ass out of himself daily. He was a part of the worst Presidency in our short history! He offers nothing. He is a crook and should be prosecuted. Obamie endorses Bloomberg and won’t endorse him VP. That says allot about this blundering fool

  4. Deplorable Sam says:

    Not if but when, as in before the month of March arrives, the ol’ joe campaign bites the dust, it will all be President Trump’s doing.
    Having nothing to do with the fact ol’ joe is a blithering fool, or being corrupt beyond comprehension, or being another democrap touchy feely pervert.
    No, no it will be all President Trump’s fault.
    Hide and watch, then have a nice day.
    TRUMP / PENCE 2020

  5. Dave the Differentiator says:

    Joe Biden is a crook and totally corrupt. The Ukraine corruption with Biden, Pelosi, Kerry and Romney has become well known and the People are sick of the political lies and corruption. Hillary, Obama and Biden were all deeply involved in the Spy-Gate Conspiracy and the corruption in the Ukraine was just one piece of the much bigger corruption issues. Biden is also on the wrong side of the illegal immigration problem. The Democrats have completely missed the point of the immigration problem.

  6. Steve says:

    Hey Joe, why are you even on a campaign trail? You have charges of corruption, bribery, and overall lying to the American public to face, Oh, and let’s not forget abuse of power while you were in office with your other corrupt partner Obama and gave all of those lucrative deals to your son Hunter, along with other family members that you lied to us about on live TV. So, let’s be realistic Joe. It’s time for “3 hots and a cot” for you, Hunter, and your buddy Obama who in all actuality, is trying to distance himself from you because he knows he is going to jail as well.

  7. There are SO many reasons he should drop out, but, he doesn’t seem to get it ! The guy is a TOTAL LOSER and doesn’t have the mental capacity to run the country, to say nothing of the fact that he loses his temper at the drop of a hat ! NOT what we want when this MORON has his finger on the button to cause a nuclear event ! Lock him up before he hurts himself or someone around him. Somebody should tell him that pushing people and poking his finger in their chest IS ASSAULT.

  8. Lebo says:

    Biden and Son will end up in prison for their corruption while he was V.P.!

  9. HIYAN says:

    Joe Blow is definitely on his way out.
    NO DANG way is Joe Blow gonna get by in South Carolina. Nevada is a long shot he would be fortunate to get second and very lucky to get third.
    Give it up Joe Blow U R DONE!!!!!!!!

  10. george briar says:

    it’s time to go home Joe people are just laughing at you now. besides if you can’t beat a frigging commie. a flaming fag, and a fake Indian how could you ever beat the greatest president ever in president trump????

  11. IrishEyes2C says:

    Why do I get the feeling Obama is leading the charge against Biden? Quid Pro Joe has a big mouth and he might reveal things about the Obama administration that they want left private, their corruption. When Joe gets rattled, angry and pushed, loose lips sink ships. Obama is the democrats savior, like Trump and Reagan were for the conservatives. If it’s revealed who Obama really was to the masses, his legacy and popularity will be DONE.

  12. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Joe Biden is a lying dog faced pony soldier. Don’t know what the hell that means but he is certainly a liar.

  13. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Yup! The democrook party has lots of idiot voters that would like to give communism a try.

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