Joe Biden made one phone call to Barack Obama that dropped one big hint about his running mate

Likely Democrat Party nominee Joe Biden has fallen off American’s radar during the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

“Where’s Joe?” trended across social media as Americans noticed the presumed Democrat nominee was in hiding.

Biden tried to change that narrative when he made one phone call to Barack Obama that dropped one big hint about his running mate.

As the party out of power, Democrats are largely helpless to do anything other than sit back and watch as Donald Trump seizes the bully pulpit to rally the nation around his administration’s response to the Chinese coronavirus.

Democrats are worried that polls show the American people approve of the President’s response.

To get back into the discussion, Biden revealed that during a virtual fundraiser with donors that his campaign’s Vice Presidential process would focus on six or seven women that Biden has spoken with Barack Obama about possible as selections.

Picking a Vice Presidential running mate is the last big decision a challenger makes before entering the General Election.

Biden firing this bullet is his only chance to get his name back in to the political discussion before the national conventions this summer.

Democrats are worried that President Trump’s daily press conferences on the status of the Chinese coronavirus response is blocking out all the political space in America as Biden was relegated to a nearly forgotten figure.

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44 Responses

  1. Geno Bouwens says:

    @Avatar666 I agree completely with you.. I could have not said it better. Go Trump K.A.G.A. 20/20
    Donald Junior in 2024 It is going to take that long to drain the swamp creatures out of Washington.

  2. Daniel J Carr says:

    M. Obama

  3. William Zackery says:

    The Election is already over. TRUMP-TRUMP= PRESIDENT AGAIN!
    The Democrats are all JOKES & LIARS.


    I think Biden is not a well man-pretty obvious. That he has mentioned Kamala Harris, Stacy Abrams(!!) and the Demings(?) woman from Florida shows how he and the Dems are thinking-Identity politics all the way. Forget qualifications!! Unacceptable. William Newsom was on the right track in this thread when he mentioned Hillary beating Trump in the popular vote, though there was a lot of “frigging in the rigging”, but the Hillary of then is now four years older, and she wasn’t in good health then!! If I WERE Biden, I wouldn’t consider Hillary, unless i had a death wish.

  5. mrp says:

    Might expect him to select crooked Hillary because she will never get elected by we the people so getting in via the back door will bring her closer. Only problem for old Joe is he better hire a food tester or make sure he doesn’t commit suicide.

  6. Larry P says:

    The Demorats only care about lining there pockets with our money. The President need to line item veto any thing in this new bill that is not related to the Coronavirus period. You hear me Donald

  7. Avatar666 says:

    After this latest shakedown of the Congress by Pelosi and Schumer, for their entire list of non-essential or non-related to coronavirus items, you begin to see how entirely false their objectives are for supporting the citizens. We’re in a crises and their only concern is how to get President Trump out of office. Three wasted years of taxpayers paying for democrats like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler sponsoring a DOJ “investigation” by Mueller and 17 high priced anti-Trump, pro-Hillary lawyers. The impeachment attempt failed (no crimes could be identified) so the crooked democrats, deep state and media moved on to the “quid pro quo” hoax that was quashed when the President released the phone call between him and the president of Ukraine. Now with perhaps the greatest threat to mankind since the bubonic plague is at our doorstep, what are the democrats most concerned about? You got it. Impeaching Trump, the man who’s doing more for this country than those crooked losers, Pelosi, Schumer and their followers, have done in their entire lives. You would almost think they could care less how many Americans die. Their proposals for a relief bill, nothing but freebies, Green New Deal junk where money can be granted to “Green” companies the way Obama did it, and then the company turns around and makes huge donations back to democrats. Nothing but a huge SCAM.

  8. Fredex8 says:

    Who is P. Berry? What is wrong with her? She might need testing.

  9. Fredex8 says:

    Nothing will improve anything Joe does unless he goes to Confession first.

  10. Paula Berry………You Are An IDIOT!

  11. Will says:

    Who cares who the old fool picks,, they will and are both losers
    no matter who it is , If there is a D in the title , just figure , you will be
    a loser also ,if you vote for the scum

  12. Paula Berry says:

    No matter who VP Biden picks, the ticket will be better than having a lying moron like Trump, who ignored two months of warnings about a pandemic and now preaches that money is more important than human life.

  13. Public_Citizen says:

    @ Kenneth Barr
    Even with a fresh coat of paint it’s still going to be the same hatred bubbling up from the mental cesspit that is today’s Democrat [est. 2012] Party.
    It’s a damaged brand [Brain Damaged, in every sense of the word] and the people who collectively self label as Demo[n]crats are damaged, most of them beyond redemption or salvage.

  14. Giibert Boisvert says:

    Standby, while Biden’s mind goes awol. Oh yea, his body is still here, as a shell. Better he stay out of public view. Better for us that he becomes quickly forgotten. The puppet men are right behind him. The committee orders, and he obeys.

  15. Jerry Moore says:

    Hey Rick the dk head Wilson I hope that you and all of your friends and family get deadly virus and all parish burial in the swamp

  16. All I can say right now is President Trump will have another 4 yrs. As far as Biden goes he’s just another shill in the Democratic party.I truly do believe that he thinks he will be the next President.This is the 4th try,usually it’s 3 strikes & your out.As far as his dementia goes it’s only going to get worse.He’ll be in diapers before he’s 80.That’s not a joke!! My Father went full throttle with this disease,So sad. There’s a time when we all have to answer for our misdeeds & in his case he will pay dearly.What goes around comes around Joe.Tread lightly my friend!!!

  17. SweetOlBob says:

    From his actions of late, it’s pretty obvious that whomever he picks will wind up being president. Picking Hillary is sure to make this prediction graven in stone. He will surely be Arkancided at the first opportunity ! There isn’t enough security in the world to keep that grasping, scratching, power hungry, vixen at bay !

  18. Barb T says:

    Just remember, who ever Biden picks for VP means “she” will be POTUS within the first 2 years of Biden’s term. Picking Crooked Killary would increase his odds of dying by 75%!

  19. William Newsom says:

    Engage your logical brains for a minute and forget the Democratic animosity.
    Hillary is the only democrat to have already beaten Trump at the polls. It is a no brainer for the Dem elites to make sure she is on the ballot as VP with Biden. It would be an easy matter during or after the convention for the Dem elites to then disqualify Biden because of mental incompetence and slide VP Hillary into the driver’s seat. Walah! Hillary as nominee against Trump! She is the only chance the Dems have of winning the election as she has already won it once with the popular vote. All she needs to do is adjust her campaign strategy to focus more on the midwest fly over states she ignored during the first election and resulted in her losing the Electoral College vote. The Dem elite see this so do not be surprised to see Hillary as their nominee against Trump.

  20. Kenneth Barr says:

    Democrats have blown themselves up since 2016 and may have to change name of their party to ever be relevant again!! They have become the party of hate & liars!!

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