Joe Biden made a promise that could put Donald Trump behind bars

Joe Biden is trying to fix a big problem for his campaign.

Few voters on the Left are enthusiastic about his candidacy.

And that led to Joe Biden going on TV and making this promise that could put Donald Trump behind bars.

Every poll shows Donald Trump holds an edge on Joe Biden based on whose voters are more enthusiastic about the November election.

Biden tried to correct that problem in an interview on MSNBC’s The Last Word where Biden appeared for the full hour with failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

In the interview, host Lawrence O’Donnell asked Biden if he would pardon Donald Trump to spare the nation the divisiveness that a possible criminal investigation would bring.

Biden committed to not pardoning Trump and letting Biden’s handpicked thugs at the Justice Department try to jail Trump.

“It is not something the president is entitled to do, to direct a prosecution or decide to drop a case,” Biden claimed. “It’s a dereliction of duty.”

Biden told O’Donnell that he would “commit to not pulling a Gerald Ford in giving Donald Trump a pardon under the pretense of healing the nation.”

If Biden wins the Presidency, he will unleash the full power of the Deep State to harass President Trump and his family.

Left-wing prosecutors – like those who staffed the Mueller investigation – will throw the full force of the federal government at Donald Trump and his children to try and jail Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Jr. and any other Trump associate the Left feels like needs to pay for Trump winning in 2016.

And Joe Biden let it be known he will sit by and let this witch hunt proceed if he wins the election.

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65 Responses

  1. David Billsborough says:

    This is president Trump you need to say more about the good things coming from the protest and not just dwell on the bad and there is plenty of bad did you see where the people protected the cop from an angry crowd there is good in people we are all equal and deserve to be treated that way I love you as a president and stand by you . But think you should be a little more feeling not so business oriented

  2. Patricia says:

    Biden needs to be careful of comments he is making. Democrats just can’t handle President Trump because he sees them for who they truly are. They just keep putting their foot in their mouth. Most of everything back fires on them. Democrats are really in panic mode now. When will they learn? Clock is ticking faster and faster.

  3. Sharon Jenkins says:

    I will stand with Trump for re-election. I wish to remain free under the US Constitution. I believe a Democrat vote would be disaster to my freedoms afforded me under the US Constitution.

  4. Rick says:

    Jill Biden is not a medical doctor. She has a PHD in education…she was an elementary school teacher. She wants to be first lady and get wealthier by giving USA to China, Russia, Iran, Ukraine, Burma, Iraq

  5. Betty says:

    Evil Democrats. Biden does not have a clue about how these Democrats are using him. His wife is a doctor and she allows this abuse of an elderly person with dementia and Alzheimer’s. She should be ashamed of herself. They don’t even have a decent person to be the VP. What a bunch of losers. TRUMP 2020

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