Joe Biden looked at one report that is bad news for Democrats

Democrats grow more nervous about Joe Biden’s political standing.

Each day brings a new reason for concern.

And now Joe Biden looked at one report that is bad news for Democrats.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings tanked as Biden’s failures on inflation, the border, crime and Afghanistan took their toll.

During the latest broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd asked the panel to discuss the latest polling data showing Joe Biden’s job approval numbers with independents sinking to 36 percent.

POLITICO’s leftwing reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan explained that Republicans felt that Afghanistan by itself was not enough to bring down Biden’s popularity.

“It’s a nightmare number for the White House,” Swan stated. “I talked with a Republican strategist about this whole situation yesterday. And what that person said is that Afghanistan — that horror in a vacuum — probably would not have significantly damaged Biden’s poll numbers the way we’ve seen them change over the last few months.”

Swann added that Republicans intended to argue that Biden’s incompetence caused events to spiral out of control.

“It gives Republicans an opening to argue that things are spiraling out of control for the White House,” Swan added. “Whether or not that’s accurate, this number tells you what you need to know at least in terms of the way that this administration … are communicating to the American people and to these persuadable independents how exactly they’re governing.”

Joe Biden campaigned as an experienced political veteran who would restore competence and normalcy to Washington and American politics.

The polling data shows that the American people no longer believe that to be the case.

And that is worrying Democrats heading into 2022 as the President’s job approval ratings is the number one predictor of how his party will perform in the midterms.

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