Joe Biden looked at a damning poll that left him with only one option

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There is nothing but bad news for Joe Biden after the debate.

He’s fighting for his political life.

And Joe Biden looked at a damning poll that left him with only one option.

CNN’s latest poll shows Biden is in big trouble

CNN’s post-debate poll found former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden 49 to 43 percent.

But the topline horse race number wasn’t the one that will concern Biden’s handlers.

What really put pressure on Biden was the fact that a majority of Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters thought the party had a better chance at victory with another candidate.

“However, most Democrats and Democratic-leaning registered voters (56%) say the party has a better shot at the presidency with someone other than Biden, while 43% say the party stands a better chance with him. Democratic confidence in Biden’s chances has not increased since he locked up the party’s nomination in the primaries: In January, 53% felt the party would have a better shot with someone other than Biden at the top of the ticket and 46% felt more confident with Biden,” CNN reports.

The CNN poll also found that Vice President Kamala Harris polls better against Trump than Biden.

CNN poll blows up Biden’s narrative

Joe Biden is reportedly still in the race because he and his closest advisors – i.e. his family members – think he is the only Democrat that can beat Trump.

Other Democrats also see Kamala Harris as unelectable.

Most party insiders understand that if Biden steps aside then Harris will very likely be the nominee for President.

And none of them believe she can win a national election.

This poll punctures a hole in the foundation propping up the Biden campaign.

If even Democrats view Harris as a terrible candidate and Biden polls worse than her, then what does that make Joe Biden?

Biden and his family are trying to save the situation and keep him as President.

But as the truth about Biden’s conditions and the poor poll numbers continue to roll in, it’s an open question as to what the Biden family is trying to save.

If Biden can’t beat Donald Trump and his cognitive function declined to the point where even Democrats are now questioning if he’s mentally fit for the job, then he isn’t sticking around for the sake of the Democrat Party or the country.

Biden’s hanging on by his fingernails because he spent 50 years working for this and his family doesn’t want to give up the trappings of power so easily.

Time is the only ally Biden has as all he has to do is run out the clock before August when the Democrats formally nominate him.

Will pressure from inside the party for Biden to step down reach a breaking point before then?

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