Joe Biden let loose with one promise that could spark a second wave of the coronavirus

Joe Biden is running his Presidential campaign out of his Delaware basement.

Biden’s avoiding national interviews and only speaking to local reporters via livestream.

But this strategy collapsed when Joe Biden let loose with one promise that could spark a second wave of the coronavirus.

During the Democrat Presidential primary Biden promised 100-day moratorium on deporting illegal aliens.

In an interview with CBS News 4 affiliate reporter Jim DeFede, Biden repeated his support for allowing illegal aliens to roam free in America during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden declared, “Because we have to straighten things out. Anyone that’s committed a felony in the meantime would be deported, but we have to take time to take stock of exactly what’s going on, who’s where, what the truth is, and what’s going on at the border. And that’s the thing we should be doing now.

“You’ve never seen a time where someone seeking asylum has to seek it from another country. You’ve never seen a circumstance where we put people in cages. We have to take stock of where we are.”

Not only did Biden falsely claim America never saw a circumstance where they put people in cages until Trump – there are photographs from 2014 of illegal alien children in cages during the Obama Presidency – but Central and South America are now a coronavirus hotspot.

Just as America appears to be getting a handle on the pandemic, Biden promised to throw open the borders to millions of illegal aliens from areas of the world being ravaged by the coronavirus.

This dangerous promise to let illegal aliens from coronavirus hotspots roam freely throughout the country is one of the biggest risks America faces in the possibility of a second wave hitting the country.

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