Joe Biden just took Donald Trump’s side in this important court battle

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are bitter political rivals.

Trump challenged the results of the election claiming he won.

But Joe Biden just took Donald Trump’s side in this important court battle.

Barack Obama appointee Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled in response to a Freedom of Information Act request that the Justice Department must release a 2019 memo prepared for Attorney General William Barr recommending against any criminal charges against Donald Trump for obstruction of justice during the Mueller probe.

The Justice Department under the direction of Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland appealed the decision pertaining to the portion of the memo that Judge Jackson admitted contained legal advice.

In the portion of the memo that was released, the Justice Department argued that since Mueller made no determination that Donald Trump obstructed justice it was up to Attorney General Barr to decide if Trump should be prosecuted.

“Although the Special Counsel recognized the unfairness of levying an accusation against the President without bringing criminal charges, the Report’s failure to take a position on the matters described therein might be read to imply such an accusation if the confidential report were released to the public,” the 2019 memo argued. “Therefore, we recommend that you examine the Report to determine whether prosecution would be appropriate given the evidence recounted in the Special Counsel’s Report, the underlying law, and traditional principles of federal prosecution.”

Judge Jackson claimed the memo was all for show and that Barr never intended to prosecute Trump for obstruction of justice.

“The agency’s redactions and incomplete explanations obfuscate the true purpose of the memorandum, and the excised portions belie the notion that it fell to the Attorney General to make a prosecution decision or that any such decision was on the table at any time,” Judge Jackson wrote in her previous ruling.

Leftists want this memo out in public to create a pressure campaign against Biden’s Justice Department to jail Donald Trump.

Judge Jackson played her role by claiming there was never a legitimate consideration to charging Donald Trump and critics contend she hopes to help shame the Biden administration into prosecuting Donald Trump by releasing this memo.

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