Joe Biden just spilled the beans about how Democrats plan to benefit from the coronavirus and it’ll make you furious

Democrat Party boss and former Obama enforcer Rahm Emanuel said about the 2008 economic crisis, “Never allow a crisis to go to waste.”

He declared that Democrats don’t care about job loss, suffering, or even the deaths of Americans as long as it is a means to an end.

And now Joe Biden just spilled the beans about how Democrats plan to benefit from the coronavirus and it’ll make you furious.

Democrats are using this pandemic and the deaths of Americans to promote everything from massive funding for the arts to huge corporate and union boss bailouts.

They have held up much needed funding for America’s small businesses to insert language about the socialist “Green New Deal,” transgender rights, and emissions standards on cars and airplanes.

And, as it turns out, Joe Biden is right there with them.

The former Vice President, following the lead of prominent left-wing lawmakers and strategists, told virtual CNN town hall audiences that there might be no time like the present to expand the size and scope of the federal government and implement “green” environmental policy.

According to Biden, the continuing (and some say expanding) coronavirus pandemic and the economic catastrophe that resulted from government-mandated shutdowns have provided the nation with an “opportunity” to move forward with a socialist progressive policy most thought a pipe dream — especially on the issue of climate change.

Biden told CNN host Anderson Cooper, “We have to look at it totally differently than we have before I think the way we get through this is we have to deal with stimulating the economy, but then we have to deal with recovery. Recovery. And the way you deal with recovery is you think much bigger than we have before.

“It’s like the New Deal. Think of every great act, every great change that’s taken place. It’s come out of a crisis. […] What we did, we expanded opportunity. And I think we have an opportunity to significantly change the mindset of the American people — things they weren’t ready to do even two, three years ago.

“We have an opportunity now to take in a recovery act, a real recovery, we can fundamentally change the science relating to global warming and we can create, seriously create, 10 million good-paying jobs. We can do it. It’s within our power to do it.”

Interesting how he let slip the phrase, “we can change the science . . .”

Science is not changeable by the whims of politicians.

But Democrats will never let a crisis go to waste, even if it means lying and callously using the deaths of Americans to ram their socialist visions for America into place.

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49 Responses

  1. Alma says:

    I agree with Ron. Why are so many evil seditious jerks still walking around freely?

  2. Jim Jackson says:

    Poor ole dopey Joe. Every day he just sinks deeper and deeper into the depths of dementia. What will he be like by November ?

  3. IrishEyes2C says:

    Well, anyone who has been paying attention this isn’t a new revelation I’m afraid, but their own actions are being exposed during the start of this crisis and every action since. The blocking of bills, unneeded funds that should’ve NEVER been put in an 800 page plus legislation about a health crisis. It’s completely ridiculous and exposing they would rather play their sleazy political games then help the people of this country. They’re sick and disgusting human beings. They know their actions or lack there of will hurt them in November so now they want to put out voting boxes on every corner so they can stuff those ballot boxes with fraudulent votes. Proving just how desperate they have become for their New World Order and regain power once again; they are willing to let people die for power and prestige. They need to be reminded that they work for us, we don’t work for them. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE IN NOVEMBER.

  4. Mac says:

    Demturds work for ppl like soreass that is the problem get rid of him and the demturds will go too! Demturds are terrorists. They don’t work for the ppl how you think they all got rich

  5. Robert Sharkey says:

    Why is this any different than what the ultra-conservative bunch of liers is doing? They support only big business, not any program to help the common man. I can’t wait to remove the two-year-old in the WH and get an adult that will stay off the golf course and tend to the countries business so we can get our place back in the world.

  6. Robert &Mary J Jackson says:

    All I can say , the democratic politicians, the special interest groups are SICK. SICK. And here Democrat party has put an addle-brained man up to be running for president. He’ll do what they tell him. They run things around their head and drove themselves crazy! These are people in whom we entrusted our life’s , dreams , and hopes to. The democrats has totally failed. And if we continually vote to keep them democrats in office, with what the younger generations ideas We are sunk! Thank God for President ,Trump. A hated man just because he stood up to face them, and NO he won’t BACK DOWN! KEEP TRUMP IN OFFICE FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA

  7. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Democrats thrive on destabilization. The worse things are for the nation, the more gleeful they are about their chances of acquiring power.

  8. Ron says:

    I realize now how damn stupid some people are. When a politicion point blank tell’s you they don’t care weather you live or die how the hell can you promote this. The demarats have done this for months now and I guess people havee lost their morality. Problem is they dont even try to hide that fact.

  9. Ron says:

    The Obamas , Clintons, Bidens, and Pelosi and her puppets ALL should have already been sent to Prison
    for Treason against The President of the USA among other charges.

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