Joe Biden just picked up support from one terrible place

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are sinking, and allies have abandoned him.

Now Biden has absorbed another body blow.

And Joe Biden just picked up support from one terrible place.

The Communist Chinese are taking up for Joe Biden.

After a father on a Christmas Eve call with Joe Biden exclaimed “Let’s Go, Brandon” – the popular slang term for “f*ck Joe Biden” – the Communist Chinese state-run Global Times paper attacked conservatives who profanely protest Joe Biden.

“If the U.S. could put aside political discord for one day of the year, then Christmas should be that day,” the Communist aligned paper declared. “But the fact is, even a Christmas call to express holiday wishes and gratitude for US military service members around the world is still used to express extreme political sentiment.”

The Communist Chinese propaganda outlet falsely claimed cursing the president was a sign of American decay.

“American citizens may even abuse the president with euphemistic and insulting language on the phone. Such an abnormal situation shows the morbid division in US society and an inability to resolve social problems,” the Times added.

“Such a slogan that insults the president has become ‘viral’ in the U.S., which demonstrates the severe partisan polarization,” the Times continued. “Biden is the president elected by the American people themselves. However, it seems that American people are not satisfied with his performance at all.”

In point of fact, Americans are free to curse the president all they want.

Freedom of speech is what makes America a free country.

In Communist China if you curse President Xi Jingpin, you are likely to end up in a prison camp, or worse.

America’s corporate media echoed the Communist Chinese with NBC news calling “Let’s Go, Brandon” a “right-wing slur.”

That American so-called “news” organizations would copy Communist Chinese talking points is a sad commentary on the state of the media and the American Left.

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