Joe Biden just made this threat to Vladimir Putin that had all hell breaking loose

Joe Biden continues to escalate his rhetoric toward Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden’s latest move surprised everyone.

And Joe Biden just made this threat to Vladimir Putin that had all hell breaking loose.

Before Joe Biden left for his trip to Europe, he warned Americans that Putin contemplated the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine.

“Putin’s back is against the wall, he wasn’t anticipating the extent and strength of our unity, and the more his back is against the wall, the greater severity of tactics that he’ll employ,” Biden said.

When Biden spoke to reporters at the NATO headquarters, the press asked Biden how America and its NATO allies would respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine.

“It would trigger a response in kind,” Biden stated.

But Biden would not detail how the West would answer Russia attacking Ukraine with weapons of mass destruction.

“The nature of the response would depend on the nature of the use,” Biden continued.

Biden hinted a chemical weapons attack could trigger the calamitous step of America and NATO entering the war and directly engaging Russian forces.

“Whether or not you’re asking whether NATO would cross… we would make that decision at the time,” Biden added.

America and Russia entering a shooting war is a nightmare scenario.

One false move or escalation could lead to an exchange of nuclear weapons that could end human life on earth.

Amazingly, Biden tried to reassure Americans he could navigate the nation – and the rest of the free world – through this crisis because of his long record on dealing with foreign policy matters.

“I’ve been dealing with foreign policy longer than anybody that’s involved with this process right now,” Biden boasted to reporters.

And while it is true Biden has spent nearly 50 years involving himself in foreign policy matters, the problem is that he’s been wrong about everything.

Biden fought Ronald Reagan’s successful strategy to win the Cold War without firing a shot.

Biden then supported the disastrous Iraq War.

In 2011, Biden opposed the raid where Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden.

And last summer, Biden oversaw the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was the most humiliating American military defeat since the Vietnam War.

Now Biden – with this history of bungling in foreign policy – is throwing out threats that could result in nuclear war with Russia.

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