Joe Biden just made this scary statement about the coronavirus vaccine

Americans are asking real questions about the coronavirus vaccine.

They are looking to Joe Biden for answers.

But Joe Biden just made this scary statement about the coronavirus vaccine.

Joe Biden and his so-called “public health experts” made a big to-do about releasing new guidelines about vaccinated Americans and the need to wear masks.

Current Centers for Disease Control guidelines state that when vaccinated Americans are outdoors in small groups they do not need to wear masks.

Many Americans were shocked at the sight of the fully vaccinated Joe and Jill Biden walking together by themselves out of the White House to board Marine One both wearing masks.

Biden claims the touchtone for his administration is “follow the science.”

But in the case of wearing masks outdoors, Joe Biden is not following the science.

This mixed messaging is confusing many Americans who might want to take the vaccine, but they have questions about if it works since Joe Biden is constantly wearing a mask outdoors despite being fully vaccinated.

Democrats and the media harp on vaccine hesitancy by Republicans as an obstacle to achieving “herd immunity.”

But the number one driver of vaccine hesitancy right now in America is the conduct of Joe Biden.

The weak and frail 78-year-old Biden does not exude the vibe that the vaccine is safe and effective because Biden is terrified to go out in public without wearing a mask.

If Joe Biden wants to see more Americans take the coronavirus vaccine, he should act like the vaccine works and stop wearing a mask.

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