Joe Biden just made Jen Psaki’s life miserable with one insane comment

Jen Psaki tries to spin Joe Biden’s failures into successes.

Usually, Psaki can count on the corporate-controlled media to help her out.

But Joe Biden just made Jen Psaki’s life miserable with one insane comment.

The April jobs report was a disaster.

Just 266,000 jobs were created in April when the forecasts called for one million.

Critics blamed the Biden administration’s support for enhanced unemployment benefits as keeping Americans from going back to work since they made more money collecting government benefits than they could at work.

At the White House press briefing, Jen Psaki deflected blame from the enhanced unemployment and tried to claim economists did not believe the government checks played no role in the disappointing jobs report.

Joe Biden obliterated that spin during his remarks about the jobs report.

Biden declared that any American collecting unemployment who is offered a job must take that job or else they would lose their unemployment.

A President’s time is his most valuable resource.

When the President speaks to the nation, the cable news networks carry his remarks.

Critics wondered why if enhanced unemployment benefits did not depress job growth did Joe Biden devote valuable time in speech carried on multiple networks to specifically telling Americans on unemployment that they needed to go back to work.

Republicans argue Biden’s policies are causing massive inflation and slow job growth.

It’s Jen Psaki’s job to put out spin and talking points to shield Biden from that criticism and blame.

But Psaki can’t do that when Joe Biden is essentially admitting that Republicans are right.

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