Joe Biden just made a horrific mistake in Afghanistan that will leave you speechless

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle just went from bad to worse.

Now Biden’s Presidency is in crisis.

And Joe Biden just made a horrific mistake in Afghanistan that will leave you speechless.

On Sunday, the U.S. military conducted a drone strike administration officials claimed stopped a car bombing at Kabul Airport.

After ISIS terrorists killed 13 American troops in a car bombing, the Biden administration finally ordered missions to stop terrorist attacks on soldiers stationed at the Kabul Airport.

But this strike turned into a disaster when The New York Times reported the drone missile killed 10 civilians including incinerating seven children from one family.

The New York Times reported:

Hours after a U.S. military drone strike in Kabul on Sunday, Defense Department officials said that it had blown up a vehicle laden with explosives, eliminating a threat to Kabul’s airport from the Islamic State Khorasan group.

But at a family home in Kabul on Monday, survivors and neighbors said the strike had killed 10 people, including seven children, an aid worker for an American charity organization and a contractor with the U.S. military.

Zemari Ahmadi, who worked for the charity organization Nutrition and Education International, was on his way home from work after dropping off colleagues on Sunday evening, according to relatives and colleagues interviewed in Kabul.

Joe Biden’s disastrously executed withdrawal from Afghanistan continues to claim more lives.

Critics contend this is a policy failure on multiple levels.

The American military typically goes out of its way to prevent civilian casualties.

But this debacle leads many Americans to wonder if the Taliban provided the target info to the military and if this part of a revenge plot by the Taliban.

In any case, many Americans look at this event as an unacceptable failure on the part of the Biden administration.

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