Joe Biden just humiliated the United States of America with this phone call

Joe Biden just reached a new low.

Americans were shocked at what they saw.

And now Joe Biden just humiliated the United States of America with this phone call.

Joe Biden has made mask-wearing the dominant symbol of his Presidency.

Biden and other so-called “public health experts” treat masks like magical talismans that are the key to defeating the coronavirus.

But now vaccines are widely available and America is bumping up against the wall of vaccine hesitancy.

Even though Biden is fully vaccinated, he continues to wear a mask indoors and outdoors claiming he is modeling behavior the rest of the public should follow.

Instead, he ends up embarrassing himself, looking ridiculous and fueling vaccine hesitancy.

Biden recently hosted a virtual summit of world leaders to address so-called “climate change,” the latest overhyped fear porn the media is peddling to scare people into accepting socialism.

All the other world leaders treated the meeting like a zoom call and did not wear a mask.

But Joe Biden was on the call, sitting in an isolated room wearing a mask.

It was an embarrassing spectacle.

The signal Biden sent to the American people is that even if you are fully vaccinated it’s too dangerous to sit in a room by yourself and talk to people through a video link up without wearing a mask.

If Joe Biden wants more people to take the coronavirus vaccine, Biden needs to start acting like it works.

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