Joe Biden just handed Ron DeSantis one invitation that he will live to regret

Joe Biden continues to learn how difficult it is to get the better of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Biden keeps falling into each trap DeSantis sets for him.

And Joe Biden just handed Ron DeSantis one invitation that he will live to regret.

Ron DeSantis had the political world abuzz on Tuesday with rumors circulating that he planned to fly another plane load of illegal aliens to Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

A reporter asked Biden about this potential flight full of illegal aliens to his native home of Delaware.

Biden responded by inviting DeSantis to hang out on Delaware’s beaches.

However, there never was a plane full of illegal aliens ready to fly to Delaware.

NBC News reported:

The White House and the Delaware governor’s office were ready. So were the news media and political onlookers.

Everyone who gathered Tuesday at a small airport in Georgetown, Delaware, near President Joe Biden’s home, was waiting in anticipation of a planeload of migrants to be flown from San Antonio as part of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ program to send a message about illegal immigration.

But by late Tuesday, no plane had arrived. Instead, it landed in Teterboro, New Jersey, just outside New York City, where Biden was in town for the annual U.N. General Assembly meeting.

No migrants were aboard the plane.

Instead, a source explained to NBC that DeSantis punked Biden.

DeSantis never actually said he was going to fly a plane full of illegal aliens to Delaware and forced the media to spend another day covering the crisis at the southern border caused by Joe Biden’s open borders policies.

“He didn’t tell anyone and purposely left people in the dark. So technically the media, the Democrats, everyone got punked who decided to heed some s— on Twitter instead of waiting for confirmation from the Governor’s office,” a source close to DeSantis told NBC. “The entire point of this is to put a spotlight on the border. It’s what the Governor has said.”

DeSantis put an exclamation point on the entire episode by noting that the residents of Martha’s Vineyard had the military come out and deport the 50 illegal aliens to a nearby base, yet border communities are expected to shelter and support thousands of illegal aliens let loose by the Biden administration.

“Obviously,” DeSantis added that “it’s sad that Martha’s Vineyard people deported them the next day. They could have absorbed this. They chose not to, but what it shows is if 50 was a burden on one of the richest places in our country, what about all these other communities that have been overrun with hundreds or thousands?”

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