Joe Biden just got hit with a reality check that will leave your jaw on the ground

Joe Biden is trying to mount a political comeback.

A top Republican has a plan to stop it.

And Joe Biden just got hit with a reality check that will leave your jaw on the ground.

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson has been one of the voices of reason in Congress during the COVID pandemic.

Johnson criticized the lockdowns early on in 2020 and relentlessly supported the fact that natural immunity provided protection against COVID.

But for speaking the truth, members of the Fake News Media, tyrannical so-called “public health experts,” and Democrats all smeared Johnson as a conspiracy theorist and disinformation agent.

Now that the facts, science, and data back up Senator Johnson’s criticisms of COVID lockdowns, mandates, and vaccines, he took a victory lap on Fox News.

Johnson explained to host Harris Faulkner that it was in fact the Biden administration that was the true superspreader of misinformation about COVID.

“They (Biden administration) have probably spread more misinformation about COVID than anyone else,” Johnson began.

Johnson cited Biden’s false claim that there was a pandemic of the unvaccinated in an effort to pressure Americans to take the risky and ineffective COVID vaccine.

“He said it’s a pandemic of the unvaxxed. … I knew at that time that it was a lie and it’s been proven to be a lie now,” Johnson stated.

Biden also wanted to keep schools closed and force children to wear masks, two policies that have no basis in science or data.

Johnson also slammed the Biden administration, Big Tech, and Big Pharma for colluding to suppress and censor information that supported early treatments for COVID while engaging in a reckless push to force every American to take a vaccine that does not stop anyone from contracting or spreading COVID and may be more dangerous than anyone previously thought.

“It’s all part of the work of the COVID cartel. The Biden administration, the federal health agencies, Big Pharma, the mainstream media, and Big Tech social media giants. These are the people that suppressed and sabotaged early treatment. I believe that probably cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their lives because we didn’t robustly explore early treatment,” Senator Johnson concluded.

Senator Johnson is up for re-election this fall.

Democrats and the Fake News Media hoped to defeat Johnson by branding him as a tin foil hat wearing loon.

But that effort collapsed as the data on COVID, the vaccines, and mandates proved Johnson correct.

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