Joe Biden just got caught on video doing the most disgusting thing anyone had ever seen

Joe Biden committed a major no-no.

This latest embarrassment happened for all the world to see.

And that’s because Joe Biden just got caught on video doing the most disgusting thing anyone had ever seen.

Tornadoes tore through Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee, killing at least 50 and inflicting Biblical damage on those five states.

Reports out of Kentucky indicated the tornadoes were on the ground for 200 miles, tearing a path of destruction.

Joe Biden’s handlers never miss an opportunity to use a crisis for their political benefit.

The administration sent Biden out before anyone knew exactly how many Americans perished and before families knew the fate of their loved ones to politicize the tragedy and exploit the death and destruction to push for his socialist global warming agenda.

The corporate media claims Joe Biden is a decent and empathetic guy.

That is another media myth.

Joe Biden’s struggling to sell his socialist agenda to raise taxes and destroy the American energy industry in the name of fighting so-called “global warming.”

In the face of those political headwinds, Biden and his handlers deployed emotional blackmail to leverage the memory of the dead to guilt Americans into supporting a socialist agenda that will bankrupt oil and natural companies.

Democrats usually save exploiting the dead for school shootings, where gun grabbers like Joe Biden await a tragedy to leverage a moment of anguish to try and ram gun control through Congress.

And now, Joe Biden and the Democrats are running that playbook in the face of a tornado even though the science doesn’t back up their climate change hysteria.

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