Joe Biden just got called out for this child sex trafficking ring

It’s a scandal that is making Americans sick.

It’s getting worse by the day.

And Joe Biden just got called out for this child sex trafficking ring.

The crisis at the southern border is a stain on Biden’s administration.

Biden’s open borders rhetoric and policies opened the floodgates to illegal aliens streaming into the country.

The Biden administration caused a catastrophe as 13,000 illegal alien children are held in cages in inhumane conditions.

Republican Congressman Burgess Owens of Utah blasted Biden as causing a debacle that resulted in the illegal alien children ending up in sex trafficking rings as the cartels smuggle the minors into the country.

“Human trafficking, my friends, is slavery,” Owens told the press.

Owens noted that 30 percent of the women and girls that trekked to the border ended up getting raped on this dangerous journey.

“30 percent of the women and girls coming through this [migration] process are going to be raped,” Owens added.

Owens added that children as young as six or seven were herded into sex trafficking rings run by cartels and smugglers.

“We can’t standby and let that happen. We have boys and girls as young as six or seven years old being pushed into sex trafficking,” Owens continued.

Owens laid the blame for the abuse of these children at the feet of Joe Biden.

“President Biden should be ashamed of himself. Ashamed. This was preventable,” Owens explained. “There are people suffering, going through misery because they were given false hope.”

It was obvious to most Americans that if you rolled back the policies that blocked illegal aliens from entering the country and sent messages about humane systems it was the equivalent of rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens to try and enter the country.

And some children are paying a terrible price for Joe Biden’s blunders.

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