Joe Biden just found out his Hunter Biden problem turned into a nightmare

There is no escaping this fact.

Joe Biden is in a world of trouble.

And that’s because Joe Biden just found out his Hunter Biden problem turned into a nightmare.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer announced on Fox News that his investigation into whether or not Communist China compromised Joe Biden through business deals with Hunter Biden made significant progress.

The Treasury Department finally turned over suspicious activity reports relating to Hunter Biden, and one that stood was a business associate wiring a cut off a $3 million deal with the Chinese energy company CEFC – which experts believe is a front for Chinese intelligence to Biden family members, some of whom were new names that did not previously come up in the investigation.

Comer explained that “two months after Joe Biden left office and then the very next day, from that account, that Walker account that appears to be a pastoral account, then they started wiring money to Biden family members, plural, and there were three different Biden family members that received a cut from the $3 million, including new Biden family members never before included in any of these investigations.”

“There are more family members involved than just the President’s son,” Comer added.

Host Bill Hemmer asked Chairman Comer if he was willing to name names.

“Another name popped up, whose name is that?” Hemmer asked Comer. “Are they a relative tied to the family?”

Comer would not answer but did tell Hemmer and his viewers that the investigation into the Biden family expanded beyond Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s brothers.

“They are a Biden,” Comer added. “I’m not going to disclose that new name, that really changes things because what we assumed was this was just about the president’s son and two brothers, but now there is a new name that’s emerged. They are a Biden.”

Joe Biden was able to keep a lid on this scandal for two years thanks to Democrats controlling both Houses of Congress.

But even though the midterm election was a disappointment as the red wave never materialized, the GOP still did win a majority in the House of Representatives.

That allowed Republicans like Comer to finally launch investigations into the Biden family corruption.

Communist China is America’s number one geopolitical foe.

And if the Chinese Communist Party compromised Joe Biden with millions of dollars in payments to his family, that represents a national security threat to the United States of America.

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