Joe Biden just found out he has one campaign-ending problem on his hands

The media is already writing stories about how Joe Biden will defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

So-called “journalists” hate Trump and are giddy over the President’s political demise.

But Joe Biden just found out he has one campaign-ending problem on his hands.

If you listen to what the liars on cable are saying or what fake news journalists print in the papers, the Fake News Media would have you convinced that Joe Biden is running away with the Democrat Party nomination based on his commanding lead in national polls.

But party presidential nominations are not decided by a nation vote.

Voters in individual state contests select the delegates that choose the nominee at the national convention.

And the few early state polls that have been released show Biden tied or losing in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada – the first three states that vote in the Demcorat Presidential nominating contest.

Biden is not a strong frontrunner if he is even really the frontrunner.

Should he lose in Iowa Biden will stagger into the next primary which is held in Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s back yard of New Hampshire.

The former Vice President will be a decided underdog in that scenario.

Since the modern primary system came into effect in 1972 only Bill Clinton in 1992 won a major party nomination after losing the first two states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Few political observers think Joe Biden has a fraction of Bill Clinton’s political skill.

So if Biden loses the first two states his candidacy will go down in flames.


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57 Responses

  1. Vasu Murti says:

    “Biden’s old age, constant gaffes, and inability to remember basic facts or get through a speech without stumbling over his words concerns many Democrats.

    “This debate – where Biden was called out for age by a fellow Democrat – shows the attacks on Biden’s growing senility are starting to take hold.”

    If elected president, Joe Biden would be the oldest president ever elected. In 1980, that’s what they were saying about Ronald Reagan. In 2016, Donald Trump became the oldest person ever elected president.

    A doddering figurehead? That’s the way we Democrats saw Reagan!

    “I just came into political consciousness when Reagan was Pres…Many hated and satirized him …That he was old and obviously not all there somehow worked to his advantage.

    “At end of his years Reagan seemed like an irrelevant figure always on vacation. He should have credit for recognizing the new Soviet generation of leadership, but his economic legacy pervades to this day and ultimately stifled his successor, Bush1″

    –SIlverSpringlib on

    I was in high school during the Carter Administration, and in college during the Reagan years. Your observations are fairly accurate, especially when you write:

    “That he was old and obviously not all there somehow worked to his advantage.”

    Part of Reagan’s “charm” with the public was coming across as a kind, grandfatherly figure. Some of us saw through it, though. A female friend in college commented, “Oh, I think he’s awful!”

    You write: “At end of his years Reagan seemed like an irrelevant figure always on vacation.”

    That describes his second term as a lame-duck President, and that was especially true in the aftermath of the Iran-Contra scandal. But it is an eerily accurate depiction of his entire time in office.

    In 1984, my friend Greg commented that it seems like Reagan doesn’t do anything: we see him talk to reporters, make a few jokes, and then go inside the White House.

    Greg then began to paint a picture of Reagan going inside the White House, cozying up with a cup of chamomile tea, sitting on a rocking chair, pulling a shawl over himself…

    I broke up laughing: “It sounds like you’re describing a Norman Rockwell picture!” I exclaimed.

    “Well, look at who we’re talking about…” Greg responded.

    “He should have credit for recognizing the new Soviet generation of leadership, but his economic legacy pervades to this day and ultimately stifled his successor, Bush1″

    A politically liberal friend of my father’s commented once that Reagan forced the Soviet Union into an arms race they knew they couldn’t win, and thus brought them to the bargaining table.

    I’ll give Reagan the credit for having met with the new Soviet generation of leadership.

    During the 1980s, Dennis McKinsey, an agnostic schoolteacher in Ohio, was publishing Biblical Errancy: a newsletter pointing out biblical errors and contradictions, while giving equal time for Bible believers and/or apologists to respond.

    Dennis McKinsey commented in 1987 (to a Christian who had written in) that it’s possible to discuss our deeply held and cherished beliefs with our ideological opponents without resorting to personal attacks:

    “Just ask Reagan and Gorbachev!” he exclaimed.

    “…his economic legacy pervades to this day and ultimately stifled his successor, Bush1″

    Since Reagan, Republicans have embraced tax cuts as the solution to all social ills.

    When Republican Dan Lundgren ran for governor of California against Gray Davis in 1998, his television ads had him declaring, “I’m going to cut your taxes.”

    Lundgren lost, and one political observer said he ran what would have been a good campaign a decade earlier: in *1988* !

    Thom Hartmann eloquently responds to both the religious right and the conservative call for tax cuts in his 2003 book, What Would Jefferson Do?, by pointing out that our tax dollars provide us with roads, schools, and an infrastructure we tend to take for granted.

    “…That he was old and obviously not all there somehow worked to his advantage.

    “At end of his years Reagan seemed like an irrelevant figure always on vacation.”

    During the first few years of the Clinton Administration, my friend Ruth (pro-life feminist and pro-life Democrat) and I were attending Feminists For Life meetings together here in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1994, Ruth said that when she told some friends of hers who were fellow Democrats but more liberal than herself about the recent news that Reagan had Alzheimer’s, they immediately responded:

    “Oh, we’ve known that for years!”

  2. Wicked Woman says:

    So, if Trump is defeated, whatever in the world will the MSM write about?
    However, we are confident this will not happen.

  3. Mike Lee says:

    The DemoCRAPIC Party Pedophile Joey, Nutty Nancy, Chucky Shooooymur, Bozo Biden, Teepee Warren and the list of Clowns go on and on, there are no shortage of idiots here!

  4. Ted says:

    All democrats are moronic insane sore losers. Their stupidity is surpassed only by their own stupidity. They are the laughing stock of the world.

  5. libra says:

    Poor ol Joe–Elder abuse–he should be home in his rocking chair.. I think Dr. Jill just wants to be First Lady. Call it a day Joe. You did the best you were able.

  6. Alaska Woman says:

    Trump the legally-documented racist.
    … the charged and fined money launderer,
    … the charged and fined operator of an illegal university,
    … the pathological liar …

  7. sept mcdade says:

    he nursery school level behavior is rampant on the right. The majority can’t put a sentence togeather. They spew insults like little children, the name-calling is so very telling of their intellect and lack of maturity.

    • SandyJ says:

      Really? Have you read some of the liberal posts on these sites? Liberals are experts as insults and name calling as well as unacceptable four-letter words, thus showing your poor vocabularies. And you can’t spell together, so you shouldn’t be pointing fingers are someone else. Can you not see that the good Trump has done for the country also affects you? Talk about dense!

  8. José Luis says:

    The liberals are going crazy witnessing all the success stories about what our President is constantly doing. He delegates successful people to carry out his agenda. If they don’t cut it they are FIRED! Past living presidents are very angry that one man has shown them how to be President of the United States! MAGA 2020!

  9. Barbara says:

    God Help Us All if any one of these ultra liberal nimrods get nominated!

  10. Protect babies from dem terrorists says:

    I think biden is a pediphile addict. He just cant help himself. Keep him away from your kids.

  11. Will says:

    Hitlery is backing Warren , so she maybe the next one in line for the phony DNC champ . Who knows what promises are made with that combo,,,, two cut throats on the same page . look for another , major attack on the real POTUS

  12. Will says:

    AND the second question IS WHO CARES ???
    They are all running for second place anyway

  13. Maria says:

    Yes, Obama used old joe but I firmly believe Biden thought he was in a prime position to slide right into the presidency in case Michelle’s expressed fear of Obama being assassinated came to pass.
    Biden’s rambling gaffe the other day of what would have happened if… if Obama had been assassinated.
    I believe he, being a user too was fully aware of what would have happened.

    • Ted says:

      Assassinate is a term only associated with important people, so Obama could never be assassinated. Common street scum like Obama can only be killed.

  14. Jonathan Conover says:

    IMO any of the Democrats or Republicans would be far superior to the Chosen One. If the other candidates just lied half the time we would all be better off. Joe the Plumber would be a much wiser choice. We can only go up if Mr Trump loses the next election.

    • Keith G says:

      To what? Trump surpassed anything Obama had done in his 8 years! Obama had no clue what he was getting into and no knowledge as to what he was doing, he was a community leader and no other experience in dealing with people!

      • Stella I Honeycutt says:

        Trump 2020.

      • Alaska Woman says:

        Trump has done not one single thing to benefit America, None one, He has also insulted every American ally,

        • Gregory Sullivan says:

          Alaska Woman:
          Are you sure that you aren’t talking about Barack O rather than Trump. Barack along with his anti-white racist wife who were champions at dividing the people of this country more than any other occupants of the white house and did absolutely nothing else.for this country. Better stop watching watching left wing news shows ie CNN MSNBC etc. as they are poisoning your mind which were generating the Ttump racist lies

        • Ron says:

          Alaska Woman you need to give it up. Everything you have said points to a very low IQ voter. Please stop baring your ignorance with every post.

        • Ted says:

          How’s this for an insult, Alaska Woman?……..YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!

        • Mike Lee says:

          Alaska Woman it’s clear to see your information about Trump has been shaped by Mainstream Medias fake news but here in the REAL WORLD where the majority of us live we see a great economy, manufacturing jobs coming back to America, the lowest Hispanic and African American unemployment rate in decades. Millions of Americans off of food stamps. The list goes on but I don’t want to overwhelm your brainwashed mind with too much positive information at one time.

    • Chancesify says:

      Stupidity cannot be educated–your comments reflect that

    • Terry L Earl says:

      You must be one duped fool….

    • The Real M says:

      TROLL ALERT! Jonathan Conover is a troll, possibly A.I. (Artificial Intelligence-less)! :-(>

  15. Joe Connor says:

    Go home Joe, Take a 4 year snooze. Enjoy your retirement !

  16. Mike Lee says:

    Pedophile Joe he’s just one more example of the DemoCRAP Party the Party of morality.

  17. Cranky Independent says:

    He’s also creepy–that “funny uncle” that no one in the family talks about. And the Dems think Trump is a sex fiend and pervert??? Just look at “Uncle Joe” Biden.

  18. Gideon Rockwell says:

    The whole Democrat Bench for 2020 is nothing but an Insane Clown Posse. These people are so crazy they make Pennywise from IT look like a saint. I believe it is down to a toss up between Biden and Bernie.

  19. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Biden is a complete and total idiot! I don’t see him getting the nomination, but I hope he does because President Trump will annihilate him in the debates and no matter who the nominee is, I see President Trump winning in a landslide!

  20. The Real M says:

    Pelosi and Schumer would love nothing better than for Biden to be President! They view Biden as weak and malleable, so do I. They feel they could mold and shape him in any way they please, giving “them” ultimate control of the Whitehouse!
    Oh Lord, what a nightmare scenario I have laid out! :-(>

  21. Gregory Sullivan says:

    No matter what happens in those primary elections, Joe bite me will get that nomination and in November 2020, Trump will mop up the floor with that neocommunist.

  22. T. Bell says:

    Biden is an IDIOT !

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