Joe Biden just embarrassed himself in front of the world with a jaw-dropping claim about Obama

Joe Biden’s campaign for President is not going the way he thought it would.

He continues to sabotage himself with insane statements.

And he just embarrassed himself in front of the world with a jaw-dropping claim about Obama.

The only thing Joe Biden has going for him is his former position as Vice President under Barack Obama.

He has been milking that for all it’s worth since announcing his campaign.

But he still hasn’t received Obama’s endorsement, and reports claim that Obama never wanted him to run for President to begin with.

According to Biden, he’s completely fine with that, telling a reporter that he doesn’t need Obama’s endorsement “because everyone knows I’m close with him.”

Breitbart News reports:

Joe Biden dismissed needing Barack Obama’s endorsement in his bid for the 2020 Democrat nomination, despite running on the former president’s legacy.

The former vice president, who is quick to tout the Obama-Biden administration on the campaign trail, was asked about the relationship with his former running mate during an interview with Politico on Monday. In particular, Biden was questioned if the former president’s non-endorsement would impact him down the line when primary voters are confronted between only two or three candidates for the nomination.

“No, because everyone knows I’m close with him,” Biden said, after reiterating he had not asked the former president for his support and would not do so once the field winnowed. “I don’t need an Obama endorsement.”

He went on to claim that the former president was not as crucial to putting together the vaunted Obama coalition as many believe. Biden, in fact, suggested he deserved just as much credit for ginning up black turnout in states like Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, and Florida

Biden is slipping badly in recent polling.

While he still holds a lead nationally, he is losing in key states like Iowa and New Hampshire, which will ultimately decide the election.

Without Obama’s support, it is unlikely he will grow the necessary support to win in those states, which will ultimately doom his entire campaign.

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73 Responses

  1. Connie says:

    Wow…Anthony…. You are obviously part of the swamp
    You need to open your eyes and see what’s really going on here. For three years the liberal do nothings piss away time and resources to accomplish nothing for the people and spread their lies and hate. I’m sick of the Disrespect to Our President. Obama had many impeachable offenses !! Do everyone a favor and don’t vote, you can’t make a clear decision with your head up your ass !! TRUMP 2020

  2. Peggy Smith says:

    I don’t want him to drop out either, I think a few more weeks and everyone will see how inept he really is. Such a bumbling fool!

  3. Robert says:

    Probably won’t be published, ….but here goes. Biden was the former president’s VICE president! I find the term “VICE” (alluding to criminal activities) is appropriate for the both of them.

  4. Robert says:

    Probably won’t be published, ….but here goes. Biden was the former president’s VICE president! I find the term “VICE” (alluding to criminal activities) is appropriate for the both of them.

  5. robert dehanes says:

    Din’t want him to drop -out. I want him to go through the primaries and SINK like a piece of lead!!!!

  6. Anthony Lukatella says:

    Biden will not beat Trump because there’s just too many idiots that will vote for Trump again given the chance. That’s why these people should not be allowed to vote at all until they can display the needed intelligence to make a proper choice. Trump is an imposter who should not be in the white house.
    We as a country need to come together and impeach him and remove him from office right now. We should not have let this go on for 3 years. We need to amend the constitution or scrap it completely so this never happens again.

  7. Thomas Banacek says:

    We already know Crazy Joe is senile; does he really need to share his creepy juvenile sexual predilections with the world.

  8. Uncle Hoppy says:

    I’m not jan, I’m not blind, Fred (somebody), TOM, William (somebody), mj, “truth and facts”, I8Reps, ……….
    All the same person. Many different names for the same troll.

  9. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Actually TOM, its trolls like you and “I’m not blind”, (another stolen handle) that are fools thinking anyone bothers to read through your nonsensical rants. If your posts are more than 2 or 3 sentences most people don’t bother reading the rest. They pickup on what you say in the first few sentences and either move on or comment back to you.

  10. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Biden also once said, “Barack has a BIG stick, and I ought to know”.
    You can look it up.

  11. Ed Curtis says:

    Personally, my feeling has always been that Barack Obama only accepted Biden as a running mate because he was/is not smart enough to disagree with him. Biden has been a do nothing politician most of his adult life.

  12. Don Juan says:

    All I know is that Joe Biden is a admitted pervert. I mean, him admitting in front of the camera he allowed young children to rub his hairy legs, up and down, with their hands and allowing them to bounce up and down on his lap and saying he loved it. My God, this admitted pervert should be in jail instead of running for President.

  13. Chenz says:

    Hi ustice for trump , so it’s grammar today?he who has much to say has nothing to say at all. Did I spell ok for
    you? TROLL!

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