Joe Biden just dropped a huge bombshell about Obama’s political future

Since leaving office, former President Barack Obama has bucked tradition.

Rather than retire to private life, he signed a lucrative deal to produce Leftist movies for Netflix and regularly criticizes President Trump’s policies.

And now Joe Biden just dropped a huge bombshell about Obama’s political future.

Former Vice President Joe Biden wants nothing more than to be President.

And he is doing everything in his power to milk his position alongside Obama, despite the fact that the former President refuses to support him.

And Obama refusing to help him is making things difficult for Biden.

So on a recent airing of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he states that “hell yes” he would like to nominate Obama to the Supreme Court if he gets into office.

NewsBusters reports:

After initially grilling former Vice President Joe Biden on being a “gaffe machine,” later on Wednesday’s CBS Late Show, aired early Thursday morning, host Stephen Colbert wondered if the 2020 Democratic frontrunner would appoint his old boss, President Obama, to the Supreme Court if elected.

During a lightening round of questions near the end of the lengthy interview, Colbert asked Biden about Obama: “Have you called him for advice?” Biden replied: “I’ve called – I talk to Barack…I guess now it’s about three, four weeks ago.” Colbert then proposed a new job for the former president: “Would you appoint him to the Supreme Court?”

As the liberal audience erupted in cheers and applause, Biden agreed: “Hell – yes. I don’t think he’d do it, but I’d – ” Colbert argued for Obama’s supposed credentials: “He was a constitutional professor at the University of Chicago.” Biden declared: “No, no, I understand. He’s fully qualified, fully qualified.”

The only thing Barack Obama is known for is wreaking havoc on the United States for eight years.

As President, he had no regard for the Constitution, and regularly threw his support behind clearly unconstitutional measures, including his extreme anti-gun agenda.

If Obama serves on the Supreme Court, he is all but guaranteed to be the most far-Left justice on the court.

And Joe Biden knows that.


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80 Responses

  1. John Sorrell says:

    Worse president the United States of America ever had in the office. He is a liar, fraud, and a hypocrite, and a criminal.

  2. Eagle109 says:

    So this next presidential election has more meaning than I previously thought. Either we get another Conservative on the bench or we get Obama and his two appointees plus 1 or 2 more liberals on the court already, depending if a conservative judge has a mysterious accident or dies from a massive heart attack while on a fishing trip with some Democrats.

  3. R. says:

    Only Hollywood with its immorality would want a lying BARACK, SOTERO, or whatever name he using today in any public office being paid by the citizens, and all the vacations Michelle charged on the citizens and using our money for her shopping sprees, etc. Along with all the celebrity parties we paid for. They thought They were King and Queen. They were habitual liars, and mocked the citizens regularly– remember his speech against people in Pennsylvania. And you didn’t build your company….he wanted to, and still does want to destroy America, as he told Democrats to RESIST TRUMP. THR QURAN SAYS THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DESTROY A NATION LIFTED UP WITH PRIDE– HE ZND MICHELLE WIRKED HARD TO DO JUST THAT, AND GQVE MONEY TO A NATION THAT SEEKS TO DESTROY AMERICA AND ISRAEL. Obama is slick tongued and very deceitful, as is the whole Democrat/Liberal/ Marxist/Communist party here in America. Obama brought into America those that hate America.

  4. SJL says:

    Obama never served as judge in his lifetime to my knowledge.
    I may be wrong but I don’t believe that anyone that has served on SCOTUS in modern times has not previously served on the lower courts.
    Obama wouldn’t pass muster even with democrat controlled Senate, there are still moderates within the party.
    Even Schumer has sense enough to know from time to time when Trump is right.
    Uncle Joe is grasping for a lifeboat among the party’s far left candidates. Though he is the party’s best hope to fall back to center in the general, he has chummed the waters to much and a shark like Trump will be on a feeding frenzy in any debate.

  5. mike dar says:

    The only problem with this concept is it is all Demagoguery.. the Biden manner. Obama will never accept a job that limits his income growth like a S.C. seat does. He will never want to be limited in political manipulation as a S.C. Judge is. Obama will never want to be working again in his life or tied to being in America all the time.
    To say, Obama and Biden might prance around as if it could happen but it never will…. Obama doesn’t want the job.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      How could Obama be on the SC? If he even has a license to practice law, I believe his law license is inactive or revoked.

  6. Edward says:

    He would be as dead as his useless, retarded so called brain. FU dumbocraps.

  7. helene says:

    obama to be nominated to te supreme court , so all te muslim uneducated and lied on everything, neve been in te american University. and hid his back ground , not allowed any one to look at . It is only for the criminal have to hide his back ground for fear tat the FBI knows te truth and make and arrested this individualfrom KENYA destroyed American thanks to te democrats traitors sold out te country to the Islam and Muslims.IT is a shamefulacts can never be pardon by the Americans created this great country .

  8. jack says:

    only thing obama ever taught anywhere, might have been done in a mens bathroom stall.
    The guy’s too stupid to teach anything that takes sense.

  9. Roy says:

    Putting Obeamer on the Supreme Court is like putting a damn wolf in the hen house to do guard duty and you watch the chickens disappear. What a Damn Joke that would be. But then the Demo’s are a joke. The agenda that the Demo’s are proposing is the end of the United States and that is a fact. It will be broke, and that is just what the Damn Demo are trying to do.

  10. Ernst says:

    Joe Biden is being hung out to dry. He is not the extreme leftist candidate Obama wants in the White House.
    If Obama was to serve on the Supreme Court (unlikely he would even accept), this would be a group of 8-1/2 intellects. Obama is a great speaker, not a great thinker.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Biden needs to forget Obama…. he should know Obama is only for himself. Biden should draft a new platform with two-three items for his agenda and draw from them.

  11. Frank says:

    Oh yeah! That’s all we need. Can you imagine the damage the “pretender” would do as a Justice on the Supreme Court. After what he did to America, there’s no way that bastard should be elected or appointed to anything concerning our country. Its another strong reason not to allow Dopey Joe to ever become POTUS.

  12. Michael A. Gilliam says:

    Sure, they can give Obama a little black robe to wear over his orange jump suit in Federal Prison. After weaponizing the DOJ and any other branch of Government he could corrupt, the truth is finally out.

  13. Pathfinder0100 says:

    Now that would be as bad as having an all terrorist government, wouldn’t it?

    • Frank says:

      Actually it would be am all terrorist government . I’m sure with the example the Clintons set, most who are opposed to obama would commit “suicide” Ahem!

  14. IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT “OBAMA” … Wanted on the “SUPREME COURT” Before He Became PRESIDENT. … I am Positive “OBAMA” Still Is Plotting On How To Get Appointed To: AMERICA’S “SUPREME COURT” …. This Is How You Change Laws. You COULD Exchange The LAWS OF THE “CONSTITUTION For Example For “SHARIA LAW” … Yep you could get that accomplished by being Appointed To Sit on the “Supreme Court” ///// GEE, Right Now Obama/Eric Holder are out there trying to redistrict Voting Lines in States As We Speak. …Mr. Obama is the last person we should ever consider for The Supreme Court. TO FAR LEFT.

  15. Advisor says:

    This will NOT go anywhere. Nobody wants O’Biden or, Hussein OBUMMER again!!! You fool yourself Old man Biden!!!!! Too DUMB to be president, and you were a horrible embarrassing VP. Everyone knows it, even Hussein. Only, “YOU” are in the dark.

  16. NOBODY says:


  17. Gerry Johnson says:

    The real absurdity of this is presenting it as an even remote possibility.

  18. Cranky Independent says:

    After reading that Joe Biden “states that ‘hell yes’ he would like to nominate Obama to the Supreme Court if he gets into office, “oh, God,” popped out of my mouth. Pray God that Joe Biden NEVER gets elected.

    • John says:

      If he is elected we’d have another 4 years of Obama. He’d bring back the rest of that anti- American administration.

      God forbid that should happen to us.


    Barry HUSSEIN Obama dissed Israel and financed Iran and its surrogate armies in the middle east. Was that a correct thing for a President of the United States to do? When you have filled in the answer, you will see that President Trump was correct when he backed out of Barack’s nuclear deal with Iran and refused to go along with the Paris Accords. If that puts him in “dutch” with the Globalists, SO BE IT!

  20. Marc Gatliff says:

    he’s an idiot supreme,tore our country apart with his mission management,micro management. his wife is a joke.then shove obama care down our throats

  21. James says:

    What would it take to get a look at obamas’ sealed records ? I bet there is some interesting stuff in those things .

    • Trudy Hand says:

      James, a person does not pay millions of dollars to hide nothing. That means he is guilty of bad crap. I think someone could dig up some of the dirt. You can bet George Soros is behind this because he has the money. Obama was his puppet.

  22. Will says:

    who cares what Biden has to say he is a has been , and as far as as Oblowbag, he was a token Black, was why he was put in office , this had to be the reason, because he had never done anything { and I do mean ANYTHING } before getting there .

  23. John says:

    A disbarred former attorney like both the obozo men, can never be appointed to the SCOTUS, same goes for the clinttrash, both disbarred. Seems to run in the necessary requirements for Democratic office holders.

    • Harvey Schneider aka ConservativeOne says:

      Outstanding comment!

      Thanks for your insights.

      Biden’s statement about appointing Barack Insane Obama is one of his worst gaffes yet as you point out.

  24. James says:

    Obama couldn’t find his ass with his hand in his back pocket !

  25. Helmut Lünstedt says:

    I canpt imaging him, Obama, being part of the Supreme Court, he would make it like hell

  26. John says:

    Obama was born in Saudi Arabia his parents were there on vacation and she was in labor and they wouldn’t let her back on the plane to come to the Hawaii so he was born in Saudi Arabia he is a Muslim

    • Harvey Schneider aka ConservativeOne says:

      Yes, Obama appears to be a Muslim that was birthed in Kenya, according to his grandmother ( a Kenyan), on his father’s side.

    • Eva12 says:

      His white birth certificate says, born in Mombaso, colony of Kenya. He was never eligible to run for potus. Thanks, Nancy Pelosi, the DNC, RNC, MSM and others. When he was 5 or 6, Lolo Soetoro adopted him, making him a citizen of Indonesia, and a Muslim. See his Catholic school registration.

    • Michael Luggelle says:

      but his grandmother swore he was born in Kenya

  27. Robert says:

    There is only one very big problem, Obama forfeited his law license back in 2008. I do believe you have to be a licensed lawyer to practice law, especially when it comes to the United States Supreme Court.

  28. Terry Fox says:

    I don’t believe that Obama would be interested in being on the Supreme Court. It would be just too much work.
    While Obama has a passing interest in the law, and obviously likes power, by his calculations, I don’t see where the rewards would sufficiently compensate him for the work required.

  29. Bill says:

    This is the time for one of those Barney Fife statements – nip it in the bud. Obama on the Supreme Court would be a catastrophe. The solution is simple – vote for Trump in 2020.

  30. Alan says:

    Just one more reason it’s time for RBG to visit the angels

  31. Amy says:

    Obama would never get the votes to be on the Supreme Court. NEVER

  32. LONE WOLF says:

    Obama needs to be nominated to a prison cell. Biden was nothing more than Obama’s lapdog and he’s worthless!

  33. Jean says:

    This is one BIG reason that Biden just lost any chance of become president. Who’s going to vote for him now? But then again, who was going to vote for him anyway.

  34. JHogg says:

    I believe he lost his law license in Illinois. Not 100% sure but think so. He hasn’t any experience in law. Hasn’t served on any court so that would be like offering the car keys to a newborn.

    • Alan says:

      SPent 2 years in the Senate and never showed up there either.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Or the Presidency to a pro Russian failed businessman.

    • John says:

      He gave up his license.

    • Mary says:

      I think you are right, I was just thinking about that. How can he be a Judge?

    • Eva12 says:

      His white birth certificate says, born in Mombaso, colony of Kenya. He was never eligible to run for potus. Thanks, Nancy Pelosi, the DNC, RNC, MSM and others. When he was 5 or 6, Lolo Soetoro adopted him, making him a citizen of Indonesia, and a Muslim. See his Catholic school registration.

    • Eva12 says:

      My research has bho losing or being refusing his license to practice law due to lying on Illinois bar application, stating, had only used nssme of bho Jr. I have found 4 names he has gone by. Bho Jr., a different last name, listed on back of his mom’s passport renewal, @1966, Barry Soetoro – after adoption by Indonesian step dad, and a different name, said by some to be his Muslim name. This name can be found under Stephen Pidgeon, Washington state atty who claims he found where Bho changed his name back to Obama, in Canadian town, North of Washington state, in 1982.

  35. Mike Flanagan says:

    Just what we need on the supreme court another Liberal commie traitor.

  36. Alan Schultz says:

    Concerning Biden’s presidential desires or ambitions, I too sometimes fancy myself as President, though never for long. I wonder as to which of us has a better chance?

  37. mzaz says:

    We will find out, if PRESIDENT DJT releases BO’s sealed records he was born in Kenya. Why did he need a student visa? 45 hasn’t been wrong on anything. He knows the truth. We the people who paid 1 million taxpayers $$$ for the sealing should know what BO is hiding.

  38. Geoffrey says:

    Obama is a closet Communist who plotted during his term as President
    to undermine the Constitution to destroy the U S Republic.Also given deal he gave Iran Leaders he obviously a Muslim sympathizer.

  39. tinytim says:

    Why is it that every person that speaks bad about President Trump okay. Why is it so bad if someone speaks bad about Obama he was a waste in the oval office and no one wants to admit it. I would like to know why, why.

  40. R.C. Faulkner says:

    The Democrat Party is the party of death and destruction. If it’s illegal, immoral or illogical Democrats will support it. They are always on the wrong side of every issue. Obama was a disaster and will continue his destruction if allowed to infest the court.

  41. R.C. Faulkner says:

    The Democrat Party is the party of death and destruction. If it’s illegal, immoral or illogical Democrats will support it. They are always on the wrong side of every issue. Obama was a disaster and will continue his destruction if allowed to infestvthe court.

  42. Barbara T says:

    The #1 reason NOT to vote for Sleepy Creepy Joe!!!

  43. Mike Otrok says:

    THE CHOSEN ONE IS THE MOST HONEST!!! What are hamberders? Trump is an adulterer,thief,liar- but he can change hurricanes. Once Ivanka gets not so sexy (she’s not know) will he feel bigly with Bare On?What is a hamberder?

  44. Lyudmila says:

    The fact that Obama is not the most honest and decent person of all the presidents we know is clear not only to Biden. This is clear to every observant American.

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