Joe Biden just did one favor for the illegal alien caravan that will make your blood boil

All hell is breaking loose on the southern border.

Joe Biden is determined to erase Donald Trump’s immigration legacy.

And now Joe Biden just did one favor for the illegal alien caravan that will make your blood boil.

Donald Trump’s signature immigration agenda item was the construction of a wall along the southern border.

By the time Trump left, Customs and Border Patrol built over 400 miles of wall either replacing ineffective barriers or building walls where none existed.

The new and improved border wall led to reductions in numbers of border apprehensions that reversed once illegal aliens in Central and South America saw Joe Biden winning the election as an open invitation to try and cross into America.

Now Texas Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar announced in a press release that all border wall construction will stop on January 27 on order of Joe Biden.

KRGV in Texas reported:

Cuellar said he learned Monday morning that in accordance with President Biden’s executive order, CBP contractors have been formally notified by CBP Procurement to pause construction on CBP self-executed projects.

It is expected that the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are undertaking parallel action on CBP-funded border wall projects that they are overseeing, Congressman Cuellar’s office said.

“This is a promising step in our work to halt construction of the ineffective and wasteful border wall and undo the damage that borderlands have experienced these past four years,” Cuellar said in a statement. “However, our work continues. I remain steadfast in my commitment to working with the new administration until every border wall contract is terminated and all construction crews leave our border communities.”

Already, caravans of thousands of illegal aliens are marching toward America’s southern border on the promise of Joe Biden’s amnesty and proposed 100 day pause on virtually deportations.

Halting construction on the border wall will only throw this situation into greater chaos.

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