Joe Biden just announced one jaw-dropping COVID vaccine plan

Joe Biden continues to invent new ways to try to force Americans to take the COVID vaccine.

But this new one crossed a line.

And Joe Biden just announced one jaw-dropping COVID vaccine plan.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently rolled out a controversial plan to approve the COVID vaccines for children ages 5 to 11.

Now the Biden administration is paying doctors to lean on parents to get their kids vaccinated against COVID.

There is no science that supports vaccinating young children against COVID.

As the Omicron variant showed, the vaccines are not that effective in stopping transmission of the virus.

And an unvaccinated child is at less risk of a bad COVID outcome than a vaccinated senior citizen.

Other countries around the world looked at this data and decided against recommending the vaccine for children because the potential benefit did not outweigh the harm of an adverse effect.

Sweden – which set the tone for rational pandemic response by rejecting lockdowns that studies now show did nothing to slow the spread of the virus – refused to recommend children take the vaccine.

“The vaccines are safe, there are very good vaccines but we are now focusing on the medical benefits of the individual child and we don’t see that the benefits are great enough for us to recommend for the whole group,” Britta Bjorklund of Sweden’s Public Health Agency told reporters.

“We don’t see that we want to vaccinate a whole group of children for the sake of society,” Bjorklund added.

European countries also studied the science and opposed school mask mandates.

But in America, nervous adults drive COVID policy.

And these nervous adults imposed harmful and risky COVID mitigation measures on children to calm their own frayed nerves.

That’s why, despite reams of data showing these school mask mandates are unnecessary and harm children’s social and educational development, schools in Democrat-run areas still force children to wear masks all day.

Now the Biden administration is feeding into these fears with a controversial plan to use doctors to twist the arms of parents and force their children to take the COVID vaccine.

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