Joe Biden issued one dare to Donald Trump that showed how scared Biden really is

Joe Biden’s sagging poll numbers continue to worry Democrats across the country.

It’s leading Biden to grow desperate.

And Joe Biden issued one dare to Donald Trump that showed how scared Biden really is.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe began the campaign against Republican Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia Gubernatorial election with a mid-to-high single digit lead.

But as Election Day approaches, Biden’s failures on Afghanistan, at the border, and growing inflation has dragged down McAuliffe’s numbers.

McAuliffe committed one of the all-time political gaffes when he defended teaching Marxist Critical Race Theory in schools by declaring in a debate that parents had no role in what their children learn in school.

Polls quickly showed a tied race and national Democrats poured in resources for a rescue operation.

That’s because if Youngkin were to win, it would set off red alarms in the Democrat Party about the 2022 midterm elections.

More House Democrats would announce their retirement and Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending bill would die in Congress as red and purple seat Democrat Senators will slam the brakes on a bill that will only cause inflation to shoot higher.

Joe Biden shuffled into Virginia to campaign for McAuliffe in front of a small crowd in the left-wing bastion of Arlington, where Biden revealed just how desperate Democrats are about McAuliffe’s declining fortunes.

Biden’s pitch to voters was reduced to taunting Donald Trump about Trump not campaigning in the state for Youngkin, even though Trump endorsed Youngkin and he proudly accepted Trump’s backing.

“Terry’s opponent has made all his private pledges of loyalty to Donald Trump,” Biden ranted. “But what’s really interesting to me, he won’t stand next to Donald Trump now that the campaign’s on. Think about it. He won’t allow Donald Trump to campaign for him in this state. And he’s willing to pledge his loyalty to Trump in private, why not in public? What’s he trying to hide? Is there a problem with Trump being here? Is he embarrassed?”

Democrats know McAuliffe can’t win on the issues as his support for vaccine and mask mandates as well as Marxist Critical Race Theory in schools alienated suburban swing voters.

Joe Biden and McAuliffe think the only chance for victory is to try and bait Trump into showing up in Virginia – a state Joe Biden won by 10 points in 2016 – as a last ditch Hail Mary effort to save their candidate.

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